Sunday, July 3, 2011


I couldn't resist posting some of the many expressions of Levi over the past few weeks. Man, this sweet little guy just melts my heart, and keeps me constantly in awe of our Creator God.

He is such a good baby, really easy going for the most part. He traveled great in the car and pretty much is just happy to have someone paying attention to him. And trust me, he gets loads of attention. Just this morning before G and the the 2 older boys left for church at the crack of dawn, I knew Caleb would have to come in and sneak some sugies from Levi. He is heading to camp for 4 days after church. I think he may just miss Levi the most of all while he is away:)

I had to stay home from church today with the four littles. Anna threw up again last night. I am a bit baffled... we had pork ribs, although she had that 2 days ago and was fine... but the last time she was sick a couple of weeks ago, we had pulled pork that night. I don't know it may just come down to the fact that she still sucks her thumb and she is probably picking up germs... but thankfully no one else is showing any signs of feeling bad... time will tell...

Well, I just wanted to share some pictures of the littlest sweetie. I will try to post some pictures from our vacation soon. It was really nice to get away... much needed... but it was nice to get home too:) I can't tell you how much Greg and I love our own bed:)


Laura said...


I love the pictures of Levi! He is getting so big.

Our Son David threw up everytime we made tacos. It was the seasoning packet that was doing it to him. Are you using any kind of season with your pork? Something to think about.

Enjoy your summer

Laura said...

What a sweet heart. I still can't get over how much Levi looks like your other kids. Especially Jojo. What a miracle. Thank you God!

Tonya said...

I could just eat him up, Sara! He is so precious! I would love for you to do an update for us on how big he is, what he's up to, etc. I know life is crazy busy, but I would love to hear LOTS of details about that sweet little guy. I absolutely cannot get over how much I think he looks like you and Greg. Amazing! I miss you and love you LOTS! Happy 4th! Hope Anna is better and no one else gets sick! (((HUGS)))

Ebe said...

I LOVE it! I want to pinch his little cheeks! This is kinda funny/embarrassing but when Hannah was super little and chunky we used to joke about french kissing her fat little cheeks. They were just so edible!

Love him and you all!