Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anna and Levi

Anna and I have really been enjoying our Mommy/daughter bible time up at church on Saturday mornings... Honestly, she has been almost giddy to the point of having to settle her down. I think she is just that excited.

She is growing up so quickly... will be 9 in the fall. Gone are the days when she seems like a little one... with that comes great joy in my heart... yet there are pains there too.

How can time be passing by me so quickly??

To see her with Levi just melts my heart. She has such a tender heart... but to see her with a little one shows me her mommy heart and I can see God growing that part of her as she helps with Levi. She is the best little helper.

She is about the same exact age I was when my littlest brother Josh was born and I was all over that kid:) She is just the same with Levi... but in a really good way. She is so careful and can hardly wait till he wakes up in the morning.

Boy I love these 2 precious ones...

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Ella said...

These photos are just so great Aunt Sara! Anna is such a sweat heart! She is growing up WAY to quickly :( :0 I can't wait to see you all and meet Levi!!! We love and miss you like nuts! haha
-Ella <3

Anonymous said...

praying this morning for you! I love you! mary