Sunday, October 26, 2008


So not too much has been new as of late. We have been busy with soccer and church mostly. Today Anna lost another tooth, her fourth since moving to Oklahoma. We were laughing saying she looks like one of our pumpkins one tooth in, the next out, the next in and so on. It is pretty funny. Greg and the boys continue to be hard at work on the tree fort in back, it is coming along slowly but surely! Who know what it will end up looking or being like, but they are having lots of fun together so that is the important part.

Mostly we are just waiting for this precious little one to join us. The due date is actually this Tuesday... but we shall see. I am usually late so we are all just trying to be patient. We all can't wait to know if it will be a little brother or sister joining us. The big boys have been so sweet, they tell me before bed to wake them up if the baby is coming so they can pray for me and help me if I need it at all. Caleb is a real baby lover and Louis is just a tender hearted kid for the most part. It is fun to see them so excited and such a part of this pregnancy just being older and more aware. We are just waiting on God's perfect timing now for when he/she will arrive:) I put a recent picture up... but I am sparing you all from the belly shots:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Anna and Baby Girl

Jo and Toe Jam

Caleb and Crazy

This was definitely against my better judgement...YUCK!

Louis and Bear

One of the neighbors dogs had 5 puppies, and no we did not name them. The kids have been having a ball with them. They are trying to convince us to get one. I keep telling them lets get a baby first, then we will talk about a pet of some kind. There are lots of roaming dogs around this neighborhood. I am not a dog all... so to me we kind of have the best of both worlds. Doofus, is a great dog, he loves to play with the kids, is very sweet and yet we don't have to do anything to take care of him:) (Besides clean up the occasional treat he leaves in our yard:(

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was so blessed this weekend to have 4 of my girlfriends from the seminary come down for a visit. AHHHH... time with the ladies. We had so much fun, hanging out and talking, watching a chick flick, laughing, shopping in little downtown Coweta, and just being together. I have missed these ladies so much and it was so refreshing to be with friends. All of the kids were so excited to have them here, they would have just hung out with the ladies all weekend, had I not shooed them away. They were also very disappointed that none of them brought their kids with them. They miss all of their seminary friends too. Maybe next time they can. I am so thankful that they took the time to drive down to see us, it was such a blessing and treat for me.
Basically we have about 2 weeks till the due date. We are all so excited to meet this little precious gift from God. Now we just wait on HIS perfect timing for when this baby will arrive. Waiting is always the hardest:)

Monday, October 6, 2008





There is not too much new going on here. We have been busy with the new fall schedule with the boys playing soccer and church activities. The boys actually had their first tie... the rest have been losses. Caleb had the tying goal on a penalty kick. They are having a lot of fun, so that is the main goal.

The church had a baby shower for us yesterday. That was a real blessing. We got LOTS of diapers and wipes. YEAH!!! We also got a jogging stroller (I can't wait to be able to exercise again:) , some really cute little clothes, and some beautiful hand made blankets. We feel so blessed and are always amazed at how God continues to provide for us.

We have company coming in this weekend. Four of my dear seminary girlfriends are making the trip down. We can't wait to just hang out and visit. I have missed them all and it is going to be such a special time to be together. Besides that... we are basically just waiting for baby. AHHH! Sometimes I feel really ready and other times I feel I could use the time to get ready. The baby will arrive in God's perfect time. We just can't wait to meet this little guy/girl. We are praying for God's hand of protection to be on him/her until that time comes. Oh, I did let the kids finger paint on my belly... they had a blast... definitely not pictures for everyone to is beyond BIG at this point:) I am enjoying every little kick and movement and feel so blessed by God to be awaiting this little gift from HIM.