Thursday, October 1, 2015

Would love your prayers...

I would love your prayers as I head in for  parathyroid surgery tomorrow morning.

I have a great surgeon that I trust so I am thankful for that.

We aren't sure yet how many glands are affected so it may or may not be out patient surgery, but we are trusting God knows exactly what it will be:)

Our hope and prayer is that this will solve my kidney stone issue and that I will stop forming new ones and that the existing ones that I have won't grow any more.  :) It does look like I will need to go in for some kidney stone blasting sometime this fall as well... and then Lord willing  I will be good to go:)

So prayers for a successful surgery and good recovery would be greatly appreciated:)  The shorter amount of time I need to be away from my favorite 26 preschoolers the better... :)

Thanks so much friends!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Memory Making... funniest photo moment ever... for our family!

What a beautiful day we had taking some new family photos with Ellie Berry of Ellie B Photography....

She was great with keeping the little guys interested and at least looking in the right direction...

Here we are.... a beautiful moment at the Prairie Center nearby...
When all of a sudden out of the silence the Cows right next to us starting mooing up a storm...

It was hilarious... and as you can see in the following pictures Ellie Captured every one's reaction....

Memories made for sure! 
Moments I won't ever forget....

Thanks Ellie, we so enjoyed our visit with you!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Don't blink... They will be all grown up...

And the College visits begin for my boys...
How can we honestly be anywhere near this point in life...
I think I was one of the only moms with a little guy in the back pack on a college tour for the oldest 2 boys... Oh my!!!

The Lake front at the Concordia University campus is beautiful!   It has changed a lot since the days G and I were there together!  I remember many a day studying on a blanket overlooking the lake:)

 Lake Michigan is gorgeous and honestly looked like the carribean that day... Beautiful!

And now we have 2 kids interested in attending school there:)

I think at first they thought that because we had gone there that it wouldn't be super COOL... They were so pleasantly surprised and loved it!  They loved the dorms, the food, the activities...
And now we wait!:)

They both have to finish this year and I think Caleb another year at home as well! I am so proud of them... not that all kids don't all have their own issues and situations to deal with, and mine are no different... But all in all through the tough and beautiful times, I am really proud of them... 

Emma and her mom came to visit CUW and Moody Bible Institute with us.  She was sold on Moody, Which is super exciting, but we will see what God has planned for her and the boys.  It was really fun to get to have them look at schools together.  My nieces from Wisconsin even joined us at Concordia:)  

Louis said he really liked both schools, but I think Concordia has an edge for him, from what he said:)  We had such a nice time with Emma and her mom... I miss them already... 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Full heart... full schedule...

I honestly feel like I haven't had a moment to breathe...

I don't even think I have had a chance to mention here that I took job teaching part time preschool at our church school...

So yes... now my mornings are filled with 28 preschoolers!  Goodnight, I NEVER knew that 3 and 4 year olds could wear you out like they do me... For those that know me, the last 2 nights I have been in bed early for me, but I literally couldn't keep my eyes open another minute.

I have kids that have no idea how to line up in a line, or follow a simple direction... Then I have kids that read fluently... It is kind of a challenge to plan fun activities for all of them.  But we get through each day with a lot of laughs, hugs, way less tears than 2 weeks ago (PRAISE GOD!!!!) and loads of fun! And I have 2 of the most amazing aides that help me during the week.  I could not do it with out them for sure.

Levi and Isaiah are able to come with me... I am so thankful for that and really couldn't have done it if I could not have them in there. Levi is doing great... Isaiah... is having a ball but it is gonna take take some training for sure:)

Anna and Jojo are doing so well with getting work done while I am gone... They get up early and I get them going with English and Math, they do all their individual things while I am gone and we finish up with History and Science when I return.  I am really proud of them.

And the big boys are starting some college prep things next week.  They have put in a lot of extra hours at work, have company coming this week, and then it will be off to the races with getting down to the real work for them this semester.

Some of the biggest things I have learned so far this year...

Live for an audience of One... The only one we really have to please is our Savior Jesus!  I can't wait to share more and more with these precious kiddos about the God who created them and loves them so very much!

My personal family is trying our best to make family devotions a priority... It seems like as the kids get older, are more involved in different things that we are even more desperately needing that grounding in the only firm foundation we have... Our faith in our risen Savior Jesus!

There is so much more to share about things happening with our crew... Hope to find some time real soon to share:)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The love for him just grows bigger...

I don't think I could be any more thankful for this sweet lady below... Levi's biological mom.  Not a day goes by that I am not overwhelmed with thankfulness for this precious little miracle God gave us and the sacrifice that was made on her part for us to have Levi in our lives! 

 A couple of weeks ago we met her family and Levi's biological grandma and cousin in the city to spend the day at the zoo... It was also the same day as the air show... Wow... what a show we got to see!  It was an absolutely beautiful day!

I think this is one of my favorite pictures... a little blurry... But two moms who love this boy so deeply!

Levi with his biological brother and sister.  Anna is actually a pen pal with Levi's bio sister.  They all have such a sweet time together... So much love for this little guy... Can you ever have too much love for your child?

Levi and Jojo at Lincoln Park Zoo in front of part of the city skyline!

Crack me up!  Levi with Hopie and his biological cousin!  She is a hoot!~

All of the girls!

The whole crew!  It was such a special day for us!

We even got to see the Blue Angels!  That was seriously like nothing I have ever seen... It was crazy amazing, so loud and so thrilling!

We are in awe of the handiwork of God to work a miracle in our lives through embryo adoption... but also when we see the beautiful creations he works everyday!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Going... Going... GONE!

Just like that summer is gone...
It has been a SUPER busy week adjusting to a new schedule for all of us... 
Hopie is doing great adjusting to 1st grade...
Levi loves preschool (he loves most everything) 
Isaiah is a wild man in class and is totally worn out by noon :)

Anna and Jojo are knocking it out of the park with getting some of their school work done while I am gone... they are both actually working ahead, just because they want to:) 

And the bigger boys are doing bits and pieces and getting ready to start their college prep work soon... 

A few last pictures of summer... 

What a view right out of door:)  We are so blessed!

Isaiah having a ball at the pool:) 

The kids sharing slushies at the pool:)  What would we do with out our family pool pass?:)

Sharing Sugies with my littlest love!

The boys helping to reroof the barn on campus...

It is outdoor movie time... We had so much fun having friends over and hanging out outside...

Jojo wanted to camp outside... The whole crew stayed out there a couple of nights... Anna and I even got up one night to watch the meteor shower.  Unfortunately, there are just too many lights where we live so seeing a meteor shower just didn't happen:)  

But we sure had fun sleeping in the tent:)  Easiest camping trip ever:):) 

My frog boy Jojo:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Treasured friend

God has brought me some pretty amazing relationships out of losing my sweet baby Samuel.

My sweet friend Katie lost her baby girl Emily about 2 1/2 years after Samuel died and my very first conversation with her was the night before Emily's funeral.  And the very first time I met her was the day she buried her baby girl.  One of the things I admire most about Katie is that she see what you get. She is transparent, kind, generous, and sincere.  She is funny and oh so honest!

Never could I have imagined all that we have experienced together since meeting 4 years ago.  We have stayed close even thought now we are 12 hours apart from one another... She used to live literally 5 minutes away when we lived in Oklahoma and I can't tell you how many times she helped me fold laundry while Caleb made her bacon.  :)  Katie was went on my first trip to Uganda with me!  What an amazing thing to experience together!

I am old enough to be her mom:) Truly! She loves my kids and we all love her!

Lucky for us she has a special friend about 2 hours away from us so we have been blessed to be able to spend some time with her lately!

Here we are at Feed My Starving Children making meals in memory of Samuel and Emily!  We packed enough for  56 kids to eat for a year... LOVE IT!!!

We even got to go check out my old stomping grounds where Greg and I met at Concordia on the lakefront in Wisconsin.  The campus is even prettier than I remember it:)  You can't tell by his expression in this picture, but Isaiah loves her so much:)


My heart is amazed and thankful that God ALWAYS proves himself faithful!

He is fully capable of bring beauty from the ashes and does it a million times over!  

He is able to weave these amazing friends, relationships, right directly out of our hurt!