Monday, July 18, 2016

Modern day miracle...

What a heavy week for us all... all of the violence has me honestly downright confused, angered, and so very saddened... (More on that another day)
Here is a little feel good for you...:)

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows...  
(That is our GOD!!! He does not change... not ever!)

How does this... 

Become this sweet little bundle of love on the left being cradled in his sister's loving arms??? 

6 years ago on the 14th of July these 2 beautiful thawed donated embryos above, as well as one more, were transferred into my womb... I will never forget literally all of the feelings I felt on that day! I felt so excited, thankful, and a bit anxious for sure... 

But I knew in my heart it was soooooo much more than that... I was getting to experience a miracle first hand in the flesh... All by the grace and to the glory of GOD!  

Out of those 3 embryos, God allowed Levi Ryan to take hold and grow inside of me... Totally someone else's DNA... growing and thriving off of my blood supply... Being fearfully and wonderfully knit together by our loving God!  

Seriously, it AMAZES me to this day... He was frozen for 5 years and God choose to breathe life back into that tiny little embryo and jump start his life right back up! 

And we are forever grateful to God for allowing us to parent this amazing little guy!  

We are forever grateful to his donor mom for entrusting us with the most precious gift of all... this precious child!!!  

And we are forever grateful for the sweet, tender hearted, always enthusiastic, affectionate Levi... We ALWAYS laugh that he seriously has enough excitement in him over things to make up for a whole crowd of people!  We love it!

(Levi enjoying the mountains in Estes Park)

So rejoice with us today for the miracle that took place 6 years ago in Levi's little life and in ours... 

And if you are in need of your own miracle or to see the Lord's faithfulness in your life... 
DO NOT DOUBT FOR A SECOND... that He can't work for you... or doesn't TRULY CARE ABOUT YOU!  He does! 

I know it can be hard to make sense of so much that is going on... 
Sometimes things aren't as we might want or even expect...
Sometimes things are exactly as might hope for them to be...
But through it all we can trust that He is still who He says He is...
He does not change... not ever... He is the same yesterday, today, and forever... 
He is the same... 
Miracle worker, redeemer, restorer, helper, healer, Comforter...

Our powerful all providing and faithful God! 

Psalm 139:13-14

13 For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The fourth

And we were off...  the kids and I to celebrate the fourth of July with all the extended family on my side... 
Dad planned on joining us in a few days:)

We had the strangest weather on the drive up... a huge storm that we nearly skirted... blinding sun, 5 rainbows, 2 double rainbows... loads of rain... It was down right bizarre... but thankfully we arrived safe and sound in the north woods.

Morning one... Paul Bunyans for their amazing to die for donuts with grandma, grandpa, cousins and family from St. Louis!  Seriously, the best!!!

All the teens hammocking by the water's edge... so beautiful!

It is always a tradition to watch the local waterski show... The minocquabats!  What a fun night!

Some of the teens on the fourth :)  It is the best when your cousins can also be your best friends!  I am so thankful that they have so much fun together!

The Neumann crew!  We were only short one niece on the fourth of July... What a blessing to have almost everyone together for the day... It is a rarity, but such a treat!

Dad and I with the little boys down by the lake!  These two played in the sand all weekend, loved the kayaks, and enjoyed lots of cousin time!

Uncle Josh and Aunt Lyndsey brought up the BIG JOE!  It was the perfect addition... it was almost like having extra pier to hang out on... The wrestling matches that went on while playing on this were hysterical! Everyone loved relaxing on the BIG JOE!

Aunt Katy hanging out with Kaliyah... She was all passed out from lots of fresh air:)

The fourth of July always ends with a pow wow and  the fireworks show in the local town close by... And literally it is like you are a part of the show... The embers literally are falling right on the crowd... It is the craziest thing... 

We had a beautiful weekend! I think it is one of the kids favorite places on earth... On the way home Levi kept saying he wished the cabin was his home... It is beautiful, relaxing, and the perfect place to spend time together with family... Gift from God!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

FOR LIKE EVER!!!! Our hearts are filled with joy!!

This little beauty is officially a Hintz!!! We found out today that her adoption is indeed finalized!!! We are rejoicing and praising God for this great news!!!

From this little peanut right after birth to a beautiful 6 month baby girl... We are so grateful to have had this precious time her!!

1 day old with her birth mom... Oh the emotions that flood my heart when I think of her and her sacrifice and love for Kaliyah!!!

This beautiful little baby whose life almost never made it out of the womb, was perfectly and wonderfully knit together by a creator who never makes mistakes....

This little one's life who came into being much to the surprise of many...
Wasn't a surprise to the one who so perfectly formed her little being... All with a great and special plan for her life!!

This little one, whose mom almost took her back as her own on Christmas Day, changing her mind about the adoption and deciding to parent her...

Only later did she painstakingly choose the ultimate love for her baby... to sacrifice her own desires instead for giving kaliyah's a future she could not... ( One of the absolute very HARDEST things I have ever witnessed!!!)  She is such a strong loving mama!!

What a roller coaster of emotions!!

And now she is ours FOR EVER!! 

She is a gift... She is good natured, easy going, happy, smiley, a great hugger, and just downright sweet!  And we are overwhelmed to be able to have a front row seat to watch the Lord show off by all he has planned for her life!!

My heart is blown away by this gift!  We are so undeserving!!