Thursday, July 14, 2016

The fourth

And we were off...  the kids and I to celebrate the fourth of July with all the extended family on my side... 
Dad planned on joining us in a few days:)

We had the strangest weather on the drive up... a huge storm that we nearly skirted... blinding sun, 5 rainbows, 2 double rainbows... loads of rain... It was down right bizarre... but thankfully we arrived safe and sound in the north woods.

Morning one... Paul Bunyans for their amazing to die for donuts with grandma, grandpa, cousins and family from St. Louis!  Seriously, the best!!!

All the teens hammocking by the water's edge... so beautiful!

It is always a tradition to watch the local waterski show... The minocquabats!  What a fun night!

Some of the teens on the fourth :)  It is the best when your cousins can also be your best friends!  I am so thankful that they have so much fun together!

The Neumann crew!  We were only short one niece on the fourth of July... What a blessing to have almost everyone together for the day... It is a rarity, but such a treat!

Dad and I with the little boys down by the lake!  These two played in the sand all weekend, loved the kayaks, and enjoyed lots of cousin time!

Uncle Josh and Aunt Lyndsey brought up the BIG JOE!  It was the perfect addition... it was almost like having extra pier to hang out on... The wrestling matches that went on while playing on this were hysterical! Everyone loved relaxing on the BIG JOE!

Aunt Katy hanging out with Kaliyah... She was all passed out from lots of fresh air:)

The fourth of July always ends with a pow wow and  the fireworks show in the local town close by... And literally it is like you are a part of the show... The embers literally are falling right on the crowd... It is the craziest thing... 

We had a beautiful weekend! I think it is one of the kids favorite places on earth... On the way home Levi kept saying he wished the cabin was his home... It is beautiful, relaxing, and the perfect place to spend time together with family... Gift from God!

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