Wednesday, July 13, 2016

FOR LIKE EVER!!!! Our hearts are filled with joy!!

This little beauty is officially a Hintz!!! We found out today that her adoption is indeed finalized!!! We are rejoicing and praising God for this great news!!!

From this little peanut right after birth to a beautiful 6 month baby girl... We are so grateful to have had this precious time her!!

1 day old with her birth mom... Oh the emotions that flood my heart when I think of her and her sacrifice and love for Kaliyah!!!

This beautiful little baby whose life almost never made it out of the womb, was perfectly and wonderfully knit together by a creator who never makes mistakes....

This little one's life who came into being much to the surprise of many...
Wasn't a surprise to the one who so perfectly formed her little being... All with a great and special plan for her life!!

This little one, whose mom almost took her back as her own on Christmas Day, changing her mind about the adoption and deciding to parent her...

Only later did she painstakingly choose the ultimate love for her baby... to sacrifice her own desires instead for giving kaliyah's a future she could not... ( One of the absolute very HARDEST things I have ever witnessed!!!)  She is such a strong loving mama!!

What a roller coaster of emotions!!

And now she is ours FOR EVER!! 

She is a gift... She is good natured, easy going, happy, smiley, a great hugger, and just downright sweet!  And we are overwhelmed to be able to have a front row seat to watch the Lord show off by all he has planned for her life!!

My heart is blown away by this gift!  We are so undeserving!! 

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