Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sweet Jojo

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jojo and Greg from our time at the seminary...  Our sweet lil' toe head! 

Our steady Eddy, hard working, good natured, sometimes wild, kayak loving,  harmony singing, hilarious, smart Elijah Thomas! 

We can not believe that this young man is 12!  The days can be long... but the years fly by!  He is an absolute Joy to raise!  He is my helper, my go to... I know that he will willingly help with almost anything... and do it with a joyful heart!  He is the calm before the storm of the 4 littles... 

I always say that between 12 and 14 are the game changing years... and I know we are on the cusp of that with Jojo... 2 years down the road he is going to look totally different... 

But for now we treasure every single moment of life with Jojo as a part of it! THANKFUL, THANKFUL, THANKFUL is what I feel!  We prayed for a child and God answered with Jojo!  I am so thankful that God saw fit to give us this precious child and I pray that he continues to draw him closer to himself every day! May he be a mighty warrior for our Jesus! 

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