Sunday, October 26, 2008


So not too much has been new as of late. We have been busy with soccer and church mostly. Today Anna lost another tooth, her fourth since moving to Oklahoma. We were laughing saying she looks like one of our pumpkins one tooth in, the next out, the next in and so on. It is pretty funny. Greg and the boys continue to be hard at work on the tree fort in back, it is coming along slowly but surely! Who know what it will end up looking or being like, but they are having lots of fun together so that is the important part.

Mostly we are just waiting for this precious little one to join us. The due date is actually this Tuesday... but we shall see. I am usually late so we are all just trying to be patient. We all can't wait to know if it will be a little brother or sister joining us. The big boys have been so sweet, they tell me before bed to wake them up if the baby is coming so they can pray for me and help me if I need it at all. Caleb is a real baby lover and Louis is just a tender hearted kid for the most part. It is fun to see them so excited and such a part of this pregnancy just being older and more aware. We are just waiting on God's perfect timing now for when he/she will arrive:) I put a recent picture up... but I am sparing you all from the belly shots:)

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pastor's girl said...

Oh my, Anna! Do you look funny! :) We can't wait until the baby comes! We're all so excited for you.

See you soon!