Sunday, July 10, 2011

BABY BLUES...updated

UPDATED: I scheduled this post... but all I had was the uploaded photo....

Can you believe that face... and eyes? What a sweet little nugget! So often people remark on what a cutie pie Levi is... and I love it because I can really take no credit for it:) This little guy was formed years ago... frozen for 5 years, thawed and transfered to my womb for a nice warm place to grow...

Can you believe that? What a miracle! What a precious and amazing creation from God!!

I have news that I am so excited to share... Last week I contacted our donor mom. We email every once in a while or message on facebook. I mentioned that I would be heading up north at the end of the month and that if she wanted to meet Levi face to face we could maybe arrange something.

I always want to be sensitive to her feelings, so I mentioned that if she is never ready to do that this side of Heaven, that we understand... no pressure on our end.

We have actually arranged for her to come to my parents... She doesn't live anywhere near them, but was going to be traveling just a couple of hours away so it will work out great!

I am so excited... She is bringing her twins along. I can't wait to thank her in person... but really feel that no matter what I say, it can't ever really be enough to express how extrememly grateful I am to her. How can I adequately articulate everything I feel deep inside of me?

The only bummer part is that Greg won't be up north yet. He is really disappointed that he will miss getting to see them.

I am just in awe of God's faithfulness through the extremely dark and difficult times. Then I am amazed at the beauty that He created in this sweet little boy... Such preciousness from such pain on both of our sides. God is so so good!

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