Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello Alamo!

The Riverwalk in San Antonio. It sure is charming. We skipped the boat rides at $8.50 a person. We figured we would get as many free boat rides as we would like from Grandpa Neumann when we head to Wisconsin later in the summer:)

We ate Mexican on the Riverwalk. The food was great... but holy cow... the birds are crazy. They didn't bother us while we ate, but the second we were done and got up, they were swarming... It was a little creepy!

Great Granny and Levi...

All of the cousins on the Hintz side of the family.

After we left Roman Nose, we had a 9 hour drive to San Antonio. We rarely stay at hotels because it seems like we are either camping or visiting family. But San Antonio was different. We decided to stay at a hotel right near the riverwalk. It was interesting to say the least to have all 8 of us stay in a hotel room.... 2 pack n plays, 2 queens and a pull out... It was cozy, but really everyone did great!

We were a short walk to the riverwalk... but it was HOT... HOT...HOT! We did our sight seeing and then headed back to the hotel to let the little ones nap and the big ones go swimming. I think the kids would stay in the hotel, just for the chance to swim. They love it!

We only stayed in San Antonio for 2 days and then headed to hot and humid Houston to see family. This was the most time we have gotten to spend with Greg's sister and family in a long time. That was so nice. Grandma took all the ladies out to lunch at our favorite tea room in the same town that Greg and I first lived in after we were married. They actually served Anna her coke in a teapot and cup... She was beaming.

I would have to say that the comic relief on the way home would be me TOTALLY embarrassing myself. When we were gassing up the van, I had to run in and use the bathroom. I couldn't wait any longer. Well when I walked out I walked straight for the big white van right in front of me... the only trouble is when I got there and greeted the man pumping the gas... it wasn't Greg... and when I looked over to where MY VAN was... There were Greg and the big kids all cracking up... Glad I could give them that sweet gift of humor:)

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Ebe said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you're all able to be together for some good family time!