Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have to post!!! I am totally over the top amazed by this incredible family. I started following Linny's blog, A place called Simplicity, a few years ago, right before their home was lost in a fire.

Over the years I have been inspired, challenged and changed by this woman. They are on their way to adopting thier 11th child. I always laugh because they admit that most people their age are getting ready to just start with grandchildren... but not DW and Linny. They take the call in James seriously, to care for widows and orphans... more seriously than I think anyone I know.

Just last November on a trip home to Wisconsin, my sister's friend Abbi was over for lunch. She was mentioning how she really felt like God was calling her to do a short term mission trip to Africa... but she had no idea how to go about it... I laughed showed her Linny's blog and said maybe she could hook up with DW who was taking a crew to Uganda the beginnning of January. Could Abbi pull it off, get it all organized to go in just about a month?

She did and Abbi said that DW was the real deal. He restored her hope in todays pastors... He pastors a church in Colorado.

Please check out their most recent post and be prepared to be inspired, challenged and changed? Amazing the selfless heart of these servants.... ENJOY!!!

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