Monday, April 6, 2009





Sorry, I know that some people don't like looking at feet... But there was no real way of getting around that. Now does this give me a reason to ask for a pedicure:)


We are back in town after a super busy, but really nice weekend in Houston. We arrived really late Thursday night and arrived home really late last night. One of the reasons we went down was for Meaghan, our god daughter's confirmation service. She is growing into such a beautiful young woman. The kids loved their time with Meaghan and Maddie her sister. They always do a lot of laughing together:)

The other main reason we went down was because my hubby has been wanting a truck for years. Really, he has wanted one since I have known him. His very generous parents are going down to one vehicle, so we are the very blessed new owners of their truck. Greg spent most of the day on the truck, getting license plates, waxing it... hilarious. I am really happy for him.

We also crammed in a visit to our dear friends the Stocktons. We spent most weekends with them when we lived in Houston... so it is always just like old times. We just pick up right where we left off. They have been so supportive these last months. The kids have a blast together and we even got to make it to their son, my godson's, birthday party while we were there. By the way Mary, your crazy ear drops did the trick. Wow, they are like magic:) It is so much better... thank you.

Greg's grandma just moved from her home to an assisted living center. She was so gracious and is handling it so well. I was really impressed. I could tell it was hard for her, but she was very positive about everything at her new home. What a sweet lady she is. This past Friday was 5 years since she had lost her husband of over 60 years. I can see that she still misses him greatly. Every stage of life has it's difficulties, but Granny is handling those with such grace.

We also got to spend some time with Ryane, one of Jojo's god mothers. It was a treat as usual. I feel kind of bad...:) Ryane and I started to become close when she was going through some difficult times. I had struggled with some of the same things she was going through, so we would chat about it. That was probably 8 years ago. I never dreamed that such a beautiful friendship would grow from those times. She has been amazing since we lost Samuel, really there for me, and encouraging me to keep trusting in God's plan for us. I just never thought that someone I kind of mentored would be the one helping me so much. She is a real blessing.

So this is why I feel bad... Am I a bad influence?? :) She and I have talked in the past about getting tattoos. So we finally did it. Neither of our husbands thought we would go through with it. I love that I have a piece of Samuel, his sweet little footprint as a part of me forever. I actually love the permanence of it, does that sound crazy. I feel like that little guy stamped his little footprint, his existence as a member of our family, all over my heart and life. And now I have it stamped on my foot. I put the reference to the Bible verse Psalm 139:13-14 next to it.

For you created my inmost being. You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

That is exactly how I feel. God created that little guy exactly as He wanted him. He knit him together perfectly. He created his inmost being, heart and soul. When I think of Samuel I do know God's works are wonderful. But boy do I miss His work in that little boy who I wish I could be holding in my arms right now.

I even think about when I am old and gray and wrinkled:) that I will be able to tell my grandchildren about their uncle and the wonderful God given gift that he was to us. Hopefully it may open doors to share my faith and what God has done in our lives through this whole experience.

So now we are gearing up for company.... I love it. My brother Mark, his wife Jane and 4 of their 5 daughter will be coming tomorrow until Easter. Yeah!!! I will try to post other pictures from Texas in the next few days. The bluebonnets were in bloom and were beautiful.


Samantha said...

Welcome home Sara! So glad you were able to be with Greg's family. What a blessing to be loved and encouraged and make and enjoy sweet memories with them. A total treat! Love the tattoo:) Very special! I see many a fun and relaxing pedicure in your future.;) Enjoy your time with Mark and Jane and kids. How special to spend Easter with them. Tell them I say hello! How exciting!:) Love and hugs to you friend! Sam

Rachel said...

I KNEW you guys were going to get tattoos! Awesome - don't ever thing otherwise. What an wonderful to keep Samuel with you always!

And don't worry about your comment - I didn't think twice about it. Yesterday went well - the 3 days leading up to it were the hard part. Yesterday I was done with all the crying and was able to just soak in my memories of Felicity for a few minutes here and a few minutes there. I shed some tears as I buried my nose in the clothes she wore at the hospital and fingered the blood stains (from where her skin was breaking down). I was so stuffed up in the hosp. from crying that I never got to smell her sweet baby smell. Smelling her clothes after 6 months was like smelling Heaven.

Glad you have a good trip - thanks for your prayers - you're in mine too.

tab11ok said...

I'm glad that you guys had a wonderful time. I love how the boys have matching shirts. I remember when my brothers did that to. I think the tattoo is a beautiful reminder of Samuel.
God bless!-Tabitha

Pink Slippers said...

I am not a tattoo kind of person (don't take that the wrong way) BUT I LOVE your tattoo and the reason for it is PERFECT. It actually made me smile. Wishing you and your family a BLESSED Easter!

Laura said...

I LOVE the tattoo Sara. What an awesome idea. My husband has a tattoo of Mya's handprint on his arm.

The artist did a really good job! I looks like his little foot was just stamped in ink right onto your foot :)

Eric Hutchison said...

Sarah you rock so much. I love your Tattoo! What a special way to remember Samuel. Are the kids all wanting tattoo's now? I love the pictures of the kids too. Your photography is just amazing. I am glad you have got your camera back out. I am thinking about you allot and always praying for you and your family.

Eric Hutchison said...

Sarah you rock so much. I love your Tattoo! What a special way to remember Samuel. Are the kids all wanting tattoo's now? I love the pictures of the kids too. Your photography is just amazing. I am glad you have got your camera back out. I am thinking about you allot and always praying for you and your family.