Sunday, April 26, 2009


Jojo and Papa at the sem. last year.

I love this picture of our family and Carlotta walking down the street after Springfest last year at the seminary.
I am not sure why I am posting pictures from last year... maybe I am feeling a little nostalgic, maybe I am missing happier, more carefree times... maybe I am missing our seminary life a bit...maybe I haven't taken any decent pictures lately... Who knows, probably a little bit of all of that.
I guess the reason for the post title... A Different Journey. Wow, we are so not on the journey I was anticipating. There was so much I thought I would be doing now that I am not. And so much that I am doing now that I NEVER thought I would be doing. First of all, I really thought I would be heading to the big boys soccer games with my baby in the sling. I really thought I would be putting the great new jogging stroller to use with my new baby... not my 4 and 6 year olds. I really thought I would just be moving that precious baby out of my room and into his crib (who knows I probably would have put it off for much longer:) I really thought I would have a baby, my son, in my arms to snuggle at night. So much is not as I thought it would be.
I never thought I would be trying to arrange all of the plants for a garden to memorialize my son. I never thought I would be walking by his ashes each day as I get my clothes out of my closet. I never thought my heart could hurt like it has... and still does. And I never thought that I would have a 15 year old birth mom living with us. Yep, that is right. She is just precious. The kids just love her and she is really a sweetheart. She is planning on placing her baby for adoption so she is interviewing other perspective adoptive parents. We knew if we agreed to have her live here, we had to do it fully with no selfish motives AT ALL. And we are good with that. We are so thankful that she was brave enough to choose life for her baby. So we hope to love on her for the next few months. Her baby is due in September... a little girl. Please pray that the Lord will use us in her life in a great way and that He will protect her and the little one she is carrying.
I remember last year when I would go with the pro-life group to Planned Parenthood feeling like I wanted to do more. I wanted to call out to those girls, " You have other options, you don't have to do this, I would love to care for your baby!" I would have meant it too. I have always thought that if we are going to value life... we need to help those who choose life and are in a rough spot. CPO, the adoption agency we are working with, really does that and it is inspiring to see. We went to their fundraising banquet last Friday. They do so much for these girls. And the whole place is run by volunteers who give selflessly of their time and energy. The director is just amazing. The night was really neat and helped us see so much more of the ministry they provide for these girls. It is awesome!
So we are definitely on a different journey than what WE had planned. We will see what the Lord has in store for us. We would appreciate your prayers as always:)


Rachel said...

Sara- wow! Another big change for you guys. Praying it is a blessing for you (and her!) It's so neat to see people like you living out their faith in such tangible ways.

Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

Wow and Wow Sara!

I was so excited as I was typing, that when I published my comment, I had some errors, so here's try #2! So very overjoyed as to how our loving Heavenly Father is going to use your family as a witness for this young girl and her baby! Sara, amazing. God does take us on some amazing "different journeys" in life. My situation is not the same, by any stretch, but I am so surprised at all the opportunities and life that are coming from what has been a very difficult time for us. We trust Him, and you trust Him and God will do His perfect work. Praying for you as God leads you into this incredible turn in your journey! Love you so much! Sam

Tonya said...

Dear Sara,

As you know, I'm on a different journey than I thought I'd be on too. I just said a prayer for you, today, on Samuel's 6 month angelversary. Hoping you find peace today.

Amazing about the birth mom living with you! WOW! I'm anxious to see the Lord work in your family's life and hers. You are a blessing and a light in her world, I'm sure.

God bless you and hold you close today. Remembering Samuel with you...