Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Call day last year at the seminary

This is one of my favorite pictures of our whole family...

even little Samuel in the womb:)

So this Wednesday is Call Day at the Seminary. We have been praying for our dear friends that are there awaiting their vicarages or calls. It seems that we have a lot of friends that are in a similar spot to where we were last year. They will be getting vicarges that will most likely convert to calls after a year. Ahhhh, I remember the stress of that day. Honestly, I am not one to stress over things... but I was stressing that day. It is such a strange feeling to know that your future is in the hands of the seminary... well really God, but He uses the seminary to place you where you will go. So our hearts are with our friends there and our prayers are lifted up on their behalf as the Lords plans for their future will be revealed to them today. We decided not to go up for Call Day but Greg should be receiving his Call officially to Immanuel at that service as well. Wow, it would be such a treat to be hanging out with all of our special friends behind building four:) I really miss those days, God blessed us with such special times there.

So here are a few funny or interesting things that our kids have said lately...

Anna today asked if I thought Samuel would be a baby in Heaven or grown up? I told her in a way I hope he is a baby so I can hold him since I didn't get to do that much im while he was here. But then again he may be all grown up. He may just walk up to me and I will recognize that he is my son.

I tried to wake Jojo from his nap today and while he was still in the fog, he said, "I want to go by baby Samuel. He was dreaming about his little brother. After he woke up we talked about his dream. It was nothing really amazing, they were just playing together. I thought that was so cool. I wish I had dreams about him... maybe sometime I will.

Last month while we were up north, my parents had a big family meal, our family, my brother John's family and then 2 couples from around the lake that used to be our neighbors. After the meal my dad asked if anyone had anything that they wanted prayer for... well Caleb busts out with, "Pray that my momma gets pregnant." The neighbors thought that was pretty hilarious. Caleb's heart is so sweet, he had no idea that wasn't something you say infront of a whole mess of people. Of course he has no idea how a baby gets there to begin with. It was funny, he was just putting out there his prayer request.

Tonight Louis asked me if we had teen singing stars when I was little. I think secretly he wants to be one:) I couldn't recall any... except for the Brady Bunch kids in an episode on that show:) Boy have times changed.

By the way Stellan's surgery seems to have gone well. He is recovering in Boston. Praise God! We are thanking God for His care and provision for Stellan.


Laura said...

How sweet that Samuel is such a big part in your kids' lives. I know how special it is when my niece & nephews talk about Mya (they came to her funeral and had a chance to see her before she was buried) and I imagine it's even more special when you're own children have a special place for him in their hearts. I'm sure they will treasure him in their hearts forever.

Amanda said...

You have a lovely blog. Thank you for sharing both your joy and your grief. It's amazing how God intertwines the two! Blessings to you! Come and see me at my blog if you like.

Ebe said...

Samuel is so precious. What a handsome boy he is!

I, too, hope our babies are babies when we get to Heaven. I want to hold them and never let them go.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I know Rachel thinks you're just great. I would love some perspective on seminary. I'm pretty nervous/excited/scared about it.
I am so sorry you're enduring the loss of a child in this way too; in the same breath, it is comforting to see that we are not alone here.

Praying for your family today.