Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just wanted to share a bit of our sweet Samuel with you.
I don't think that I have posted these pictures before...
maybe similar ones, but not these exact ones.
I am so thankful that our photographer took the time to get pictures of all of the details of our sweet boy... his ears, cheeks, hairline, hands, feet etc. I love that she got him from all angles so we could see his different looks. I am one of those crazy moms who loves to just gaze at my newborns taking them all in. I love taking in all of those details of how God created them...Samuel certainly is one of God's precious creations.
As I was driving home today...crying... I was struck with how thankful I am that God chose me to be this little boys mommy. My time with him was too short, but so treasured. I am so thankful I got to take care of that sweet little guy, feed him, sing to him, grow him for those 9 months.
Man I miss that sweetie.
I just wanted to share...


Laura said...

he was such a perfect, sweet boy. He honestly looks like he's just sleeping in these pictures. What a little munchkin. Maybe we're the blessed ones because we'll have babies to rock in Heaven ;)

Heather said...

I came across your blog from seeing your family picture on Mckmama's blog comments ~ you have a beautiful family!!! The pictures of your sweet boy are beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss and will pray for you this afternoon.

Samantha said...

Hey friend,
Beautiful, beautiful baby Samuel. Sara, God knit each little part of him together. Taking special care to make him Samuel. Every part of him so unique. You are the best mommy I know! Thank you for sharing these special moments you had with Samuel with all of us. I love you friend! Praying daily for you, my boots are always on!:)

Heaven to Earth Photography said...

He is GORGOUS and PERFECTLY created in God's image...
Thank you for sharing more pictures of him!
Sending you HUGS!
See you soon!