Wednesday, April 8, 2009







These were some more pictures from the fun in Texas. I love the bluebonnets. Looking at them along the drive really made the 8+ hours pass more quickly to me.

We are really enjoying our company. The kids are having a blast with their cousins and me with my "sista" -in-law. She is certainly just like a sister to me. Today we toured the Blue Bell Creamery... yummy. We all learned a lot and really learning about ice cream is right up my alley. I am a northern girl from the dairy state you know:)
The crazy thing was, here we are in the country store after eating our ice cream. And in walks the next group of people for their tour. Now, I think God is trying to tell me something, I have no idea what... the next group was about 40 pregnant or parenting girls from a school in the area. What are the chances that we would be there at the same time as all of these pregnant teens. My heart just ached for them knowing the road that they will be walking. Really though, they didn't seem to mind, they were chattering away just like other girls their age. It was just strange to me, I have never been in the presence of THAT many pregnant young girls. Who knows why the Lord had me there at the same time as them, but I did get to talk with some of their teachers about if most of them were planning on parenting or plan on making an adoption plan. Being around pregnant women is difficult, but wow, 40 girls in unplanned pregnancies when you have had to "work" hard for each of your own pregnancies, it was wild.
It just goes to show me again, how little I know about the mind of God and how He works. That is one BIG thing I have learned through this experience. Even being a Christian for my whole life, it is so obvious that we are not at all in control of things and we really will never get near to truly understanding God and all that He does. We just need to accept what He does and keep trusting HIM. His sovereignty and power is beyond our comprehension as humans. We can certainly get to know Him more by reading His word, but really understanding HIM... I just don't think so. I have had many questions since Samuel died, Why? What is His purpose in this? Was he in pain when he died, did he feel anything? But actually today I am ok with not having any answers and just taking it for what it is at this point... I don't always feel that way, but for today I do:) And that feels good... just to rest and trust!


Samantha said...

Hello friend,
Wow, God is really amazing. I am so proud of you and how you were able to interact with the girls' teachers and be amongst so many pregnant young girls. Not easy at all I'm sure hon. The words of your post just shout the steadiness of God's love and your trust in Him as you journey through all this. Keep clinging to Him Sara. Pray, Pray is what I'm doing here. I'm so encouraged by you Sara. Love you, Sam

Rachel said...

I know I've said it before, but you have the cutest kids ever!!!

And just so you know, while looking at the pic of all four of them in the bluebonnet field, I could tell someone was missing and while the pic is BEAUTIFUL, it is sad too. Hope it's okay that I said that.

Beth said...

Wild, Sara. I had had the same thought while looking at the picture of the kids in the field. Our precious little Samuel, with God his creator in a beautiful place but not in the field with his brothers and sister. Oh, the mysteries of God ways.
I hope you are having a super time with everyone - I'm sure you are. It would be great to be with you all - though crazy in numbers! Let's chat whenever is good for you. If I don't hear from you, I'll call early next week. Love you so much and looking forward to seeing his print in person.