Wednesday, October 24, 2012

mmmm.... pure yumminess!

Every time I look into the eyes of these 2 little sweeties I see the faithfulness of our God on display in my life...  They are such a gift to me...
(By the way, this is totally a typical Hope shot... always spicing things up a bit:) Speaking of spicing things up... that little girl ate a whole jalapeno pepper with dinner tonight... CRAZY!  She loves Tabasco with Mexican food... She cracks me up!

  Today Anna and Jo went on a field trip with our coop... The boys were doing their online class and I had some sweet time to just enjoy hanging out with the 2 little ones.  SO.MUCH.FUN!!!
The turd Levi shared in the bath tub... NOT.SO.MUCH.FUN!!!  :)  Gotta love it!

The kids were having some fun with Levi's hair... Can you tell?
I tell you, he has to have some of the softest, squishiest skin ever... it is so yummy!  

Yesterday at our home school coop, I had a new gal walk up and tell me how much he looks like me...SMILE!  It gave me another chance to share the beautiful, precious story of how his life came to be!  
Levi, our precious snowflake baby! 

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Tesha said...

Awww They are so cute. What a blessing to have some sweet time with the little one! I know it warmed your heart to hear he looks like you:)