Sunday, October 14, 2012

Company as quick as a flash:)

We just had precious friends, the Bogg's family, come and stay for a quick overnight just this past Thursday...

They were on their way to attend an adoption seminar at our agency just a couple of hours from us... just talking with my sweet friend Becky tonight about how great our agency is got me so excited to share with you again more details about why and and what brought us to this point again to add another precious one to our family...  I realized I never really gave all of those details to you all.  That will be my next post:)

Hope and her God parents:)  Greg and I had talked about adopting for years... but it wasn't until we met the Boggs that we really starting to do some research... They have 7 kiddos here on earth with them.  And when I met their first children that were adopted while we at the seminary together...the wheels in our brains for adoption really started to turn... Thank you Jesus for using friends in our lives to help reveal part of your plan for our family!
Levi and Micah.  Levi was totally enamored with another little one around like him.
Our crew and part of their crew... they left 4 home with Grandma and Grandpa:)

My sweet sweet friend Becky... honestly, God knew that needed her in my life.  I am so thankful that the Lord allowed us to meet and spend those precious seminary years together.

What a special bond... I am so so thankful for her.  God knew the exact timing of their visit and he knew her visit would be like healing balm to my soul after a hard week!  His timing is perfect.

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Becky said...

Oh my, look at those cute kiddos! Thanks again for hosting us during our whirlwind trip, you guys are amazing. We love you all! Hugs from the Boggs bunch