Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ahhh.... Fall

 Caleb, right near the top of the tree with the bed he had made to rest in... OH MY!!!:)  Boys!
See that little dark spot about 4 feet from the top of the tree, that sort of looks like a nest?  That would be where Caleb build his bed:)

Fall... oh... Bitter sweet fall...

I am so glad fall has arrived in full swing... We had gorgeous weather today and will tomorrow for the tailgating party at church:)

The kids have had a ball climbing the trees this week.  We normally don't take a fall break like everyone else... but they did work so hard during the rest of the week that we did take Friday off... 
It was NICE!  

Greg and the boys started the say by taking our 75 year old widowed neighbor out golfing... Literally the course costs $10.  I guess it is quite the course... something crazy always happens:)  But they had a blast with our sweet neighbor.  She is such a gift.  She could be grumpy and annoyed with all the noise that comes from our direction... but she isn't.  She loves the kids and we are so blessed by that:)

I have so much to share... But right now Days 4 and 5 of my Sunday School class homework is calling my name:) 

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Tesha said...

Sounds fun and looks so beautiful!