Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So today was Greg's birthday. Do you want to know the sad, pathetic thing about that? Well, before I explain that, I need to preface it with me mentioning again how I feel like I have lost 1/2 my brain since Samuel died. Well, let me rephrase that... now I think I have lost like 2/3 of it. Now for the pathetic... I completely forgot it was his birthday. My out of town sister had to remind my mom, who reminded Louis, who reminded me. Is that bad or what? That is so unlike me, NEVER has that happened before.
Greg was so gracious as usual. I said I was so sorry and asked that he forgive me. He just said really it is no big deal. What a guy. We had my brother John, his wife Katy and their girls over for dinner and then it kind of became the joke. The matches wouldn't light, then the candles on the cake wouldn't burn. It was like one bad joke after another. He was a great sport as usual.
He has put up with so much craziness and things that are not normal from me over the past almost 10 months. Much more than many men would put up with. I know I am blessed to have him. We have been through so much in the last 16 years... cancer, job loss, loss of a child... there have been many difficult times. But amidst it all there have been many many wonderful times. I am so thankful that He has been walking this journey with me. Happy Birthday Greg. I am praying that God gives you many more healthy years ahead!
As you can tell from the picture the Louis and Caleb are back safely... Thank God!


Tonya said...

Happy Birthday Greg!

Greg reminds me of my Gib. Ever so loving, gracious, forgiving, patient, etc. I don't know what we would do without our husbands who love us unconditionally, do you? I still feel very scattered and it's very frustrating! I would have thought by now it would be somewhat better. Guess not.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog. I feel a deep connection with you that I can't explain. It is so nice to have someone understand my thoughts and feelings, to accept and not judge the ugly side that this grief has brought about in me.

So glad your big boys are back safely!


Ebe said...

Happy birthday Greg!

I know what you mean about having half a brain. I feel like that all the time.
What a gracious and loving husband Greg is...what a blessing.

thinking of you today,

Shelley of The Faust Five said...

Caleb look so much more mature!

What happened?

Happy August birthday, Greg...we Leos must stick together! (mine was the 4th)

Sweet, sweet family!

Casadeboggs said...

Happy Belated Birthday Greg, our dear friend and now ordained pastor friend, with sweet wife and father of many....you have such a tender heart. We're sending love from the Black Hills of South Dakota. You can call us the Boggs Black Hillbillies, ha!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures...
thanks for sharing....

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