Monday, August 24, 2009


More of our first day back to homeschooling.
1:45 Come home from the neighbors pool to find watermelon, cantaloupe, and fresh farm cucumbers and tomatoes on the front porch. I am thinking they were a gift from someone at church. Yummy! Anna and Jojo set to work mixing up trail mix to have for snacks this week.

2:00 Lunch is finally served... veggies, hummus and crackers.

One satisfied customer:), chewing away on a carrot.

Enjoying fresh flowers from Samuel's garden. I love zinneas and cosmos! They are so bright, colorful, cheery and make great cut flowers:)
2:45 Now the real learning begins... We do Science together, the boys do History and we tie up all of the loose ends of school around 5:00. It was a busy but productive afternoon.
This is so not what our days normally look like, given my teacher background... I can be kind of rigid with our schedule. It is nice to be able to be flexible when I have to. Maybe starting off slow will be a good transition into the normal school routine.
All in all, it was a good day, no real tears (besides at the dentist), eating icecream, swimming and school.
Thanking God that we survived the first day back:)


Tonya said...

I most certainly will NOT be letting my girls read this post or your previous one! This is definitely their idea of homeschooling, and I may never get them back in a school classroom again! I'm so glad you had a great first day back! I will send you an email soon. My husband isn't going to be going to that game afterall. But, I think we should still try to plan something...

Hope today goes as well as yesterday!


Rachel said...

Fun stuff! I felt bad for Anna in the last post, having to get a cavity filled. I've been there with Ethan and it's not fun. I try to be honest with him about what's going to happen, but the anticipation usually is far worse than the actual procedure.

Hope you're doing well!