Monday, August 24, 2009


7:30 AM Wake up the kiddos...They all like to sleep together, I think they miss being in the same room like they were at the seminary... It looks like Jojo must have kicked Lou out of his bed during the night. How is that for a good nights sleep before the first day of school.
7:45 Have a quick breakfast of baked oatmeal and fruit.
8:00 The older 3 work hard to get some work done before we head off to 3 different dental appts.
10:00 Head to the dentist for Anna's first cavity filling. She was crying before she even left the waiting room... Yikes, at the end of it all, she said she didn't even feel the shot.
11:30 We stop by dad's office with icecream treats. Is it wrong to reward a cavity with a little ice cream party with the church staff:)? Life is too short to not celebrate the small things even if it is a cavity.
12:45 Arrive home and head over to the neighbors pool to cool off, are we actually getting any school work done?

getting a little natural vitamin D...
ahhh... the beauty of homeschooling.
The first day back to homeschooling to be continued:)

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