Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update on Moore... and LOVE MOORE

I am not sure that I mentioned anything here about the boys summer project... After going and serving in Moore back in May, they decided to print more of the T-shirts that they had designed initially for serving there... to sell them and raise money for the victims of the May tornadoes that hit Oklahoma.  

To date they have raised more than $1,100 to donate... They gave away some of that money to people that they met and who were in need when they were just down serving there last week...And they will give the rest of it away in October when Greg plans on taking another team from our church down there  to volunteer again.  

I am really proud of them for the hard work they have done in raising these funds for these people who have such great needs.  (If you are interested at all, they are selling them for $15 and all proceeds go directly to needy people in Oklahoma... just leave a comment and we can connect somehow!:)

This time they spent most of their time in Shawnee... I had heard from others that this area has been fairly ignored when it comes to get aid and help.   They went into the area where the poorest of the poor live... Many of them had lived in trailer homes that were swept completely away in the storms.  

They are now living in tents... Can you imagine living in a tent in the 100+ degree heat of Oklahoma??  Having lived in Oklahoma for 5 summers... I can not even begin to think about not having AC down there... (I know I am so spoiled:(  so so sad to admit my selfishness... I am a work in progress!)

 This was a memorial wall that was built on the property of the grade school where 7 children were killed by the storms last May in Moore.   

The team from St. Peter assembling a 6 X 10 foot hut.  These people in Shawnee can use these air conditioned huts to have a place to escape the heat.  They were tiny, but the people all around were asking how they could get one of those huts for themselves.

 It is almost like a little tent city... They had a lot of heartfelt stories to tell when they returned.

It is amazing all the work that has been completed...(To me it seems a bit more quickly than the Joplin tornado... maybe because people are more quick to volunteer or maybe because Moore has been hit before by a terrible tornado)  but there is still a lot to do and Greg felt they would be moving to the rebuilding  phase soon in a lot of areas... that was so good to hear... 

I absolutely love the support that St. Peter's church gives... They change this sign frequently, but I loved that they acknowledged the hard work of the team that went to serve...  The team did have one of it's members have an accident with the table saw.  He had to have surgery to repair 3 fingers and lost a portion of one.  If you think of it would you please pray for Ken... he will have much therapy in the coming months to rebuild  the strength and the mobility of these fingers.  Greg was amazed by the great spirit and attitude this gentleman possessed:)

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