Thursday, July 18, 2013

She teaches me...

This four year old... Hope Jubilee Marie teaches me soooo much....

3 years ago today we got the call we were waiting for... after loving her, cherishing her, longing for her to truly be ours... we received the news that indeed she would be able to stay...  She would be ours! 

She had been in our home for 7 months... when I didn't think about the fact that she might not stay, time passed beautifully... but when I remembered there were legal fights going on regarding where she would grow up... Legal fights that were thought to have the potential to change Oklahoma adoption laws,  it was a long 7 months... What an answer to prayer that phone call was that day... We had anticipated many more months of legal proceedings and then boom... shockingly... it was all over. 

She has taught me that God has great plans... even when we CAN NOT SEE THEM AT ALL!

She has taught me patience... she was worth the wait!

She has taught me to appreciate life... she is feisty and lives with a zest for the crazy things in life... that is our Hopie girl!

She has taught me... to not underestimate the prayer life of a four year old... Wow, can she pray... so precious!

She has taught me all about the miracles of adoption... My first adopted child... what a gift from God.

She has taught me to continually rely on the Lord for daily strength... she has given this mama a run for her money:):)

She has taught me more about being affectionate and compassionate... those are her gifts for sure... so sweet!

I could go on and on...   It is good to reflect on the ways God has shown His faithfulness... I am so thankful for an adoption agency that would walk through the difficult journey with us and for that precious phone call that told us the waiting was over... Hope would be a forever Hintz~


Anonymous said...

Love her, love her, love her! Give an extra hug to our precious cocoa! She is special to the Stocktons!

Shelley Faust said...

Oh, how I love that Hopie girl!

Tesha Papik said...

She is such a beautiful AMAZING gift!