Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A blessing to my mama's heart

Today we got to share part of our day with Levi's biological mom, her mom, and her 2 sweet children.  (She is the one who allowed us to adopt Levi, and 6 other embryos back in 2010:)  I love love love this picture... Two mama's who love this little guy so so much!

This was a picture from the very first time we had met in person after Levi was born... my little guy has changed so much... 

We took a little walk to the park that is on the church property and got to play together.  I love seeing where Levi gets some of his precious looks from and some of his personality too... He definitely looks more like his biological sister but probably acts more like what his brother was like at his age.  
To me it is like getting a little glimpse into his future in a way.  

These two little girls seemed to pick up right were they left off last year when we met them for a day at the zoo.   Today they had a great time making duct tape creations, playing house and just being together.

It is funny now that Levi is getting older... last night I was talking to  him about today and who was coming over.  I know he didn't really get it... but I was already thinking that a year from  now he may actually understand more of his story... I tell him ALL THE TIME what a MIRACLE he is.  

He can't understand now how God creatively made him, allowed us to adopt him as a tiny little embryo, made him grow perfectly inside me (his adopted mommy), and brought him full of life into our family.
He can't understand now all the healing his precious life has brought to all of us over the years...

I do think he can understand how much he is loved!  To me allowing his biological mom into his life just shows him he is loved by even more people than just our family.  

It is going to be pretty amazing when this precious little guy CAN understand his story and  the plans that God had for his life... He is a treasure!  

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Tesha Papik said...

He is such a special boy with a miraculous story! What a gift that he will get to know his Biological family also.