Monday, December 17, 2012


It has been non stop since we came home from the hospital with Isaiah... We are praising God for His protection of Isaiah from the colds that the other kids had when we came home... Thank you Lord for sparing him any sickness so far... I know it is only the beginning of the cold and flu season... But we are soooooo very thankful that he is doing so well...

We have had 2 sets of company... our missionary friends the Ferrel's and my parents and my sister's  kids...  We are expecting more company this week... (actually I think those plans just changed today and we may not get more company this week.

Our first MEND Christmas ceremony was beautiful last night... not a dry eye, I don't think... It was so very special to have a time to publically remember our little ones in Heaven... that is such a gift to me! We had 2 girls from our church do the music and it was beautiful... Our director worked soooooo hard to pull it all together and it turned out fantastic... I think it will be a yearly event for our chapter.  I was especially touched by a couple that had to have been in their 50-60's... they were there lighting candles in memory of their children that they lost in the 1970's... It just warmed my heart to know that 30-40 years later they still felt those lives worthy of honoring and remembering.  I KNOW that is how I will feel about Samuel, Joel (the baby we were going to adopt) and the baby we misscarried.  It was a special night!

Our ceremony was held the night that the shootings occured in CT... and I can't tell you how much my heart hurt for all of those parents and families whose lives were turned upside down that day.  I know each loss is different... but I can certainly relate.  The whole thing just makes me want to cry out with the love of Jesus to those people.  I am just praying so often that the Lord is sending just the right people to each of those families to be His hands and feet in the flesh in these hurting hours. 

We have our December Dinner Divas Class here tomorrow night... Can you say CRAZY TRAIN!!! It has been non stop... but we are about to get off that train and settle into just HANGING OUT and enjoying Christmas! And I am thrilled about it!

We hope to do some school the next 2 weeks and then take a week off with Greg after Christmas. 

Ok... that was a little catch up... Literally I need to find time to get some of November's pictures onto my computer... all I have are the ones I took at the hospital on my cell and a few that Louis took...

So I leave you with a sweet one of the new little guy!  So precious!


Becky said...

Hello Gorgeous! God is so so good! Thanks for sharing Sara, how you find time to even post - Girl, it's amazing what you can DO! Love to you guys!

Tesha said...

OH my Goodness HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! What a wonderful Christmas present from Heaven indeed!!! :)I am on the crazy train also. I Hope life slows down soon so you can just sit and snuggle him. Although I am sure you are making time :) SO happy for you friend!