Sunday, December 9, 2012

Come and gone in a flash

Jethro and Hope
(Typical Hope grin:)
The Ferrel's have come and gone in a flash...
The boys and I can't wait to be able to spend some more time with them and their son Jethro (adopted from Uganda) when we go in January.
They went on a short term trip with our sweet friend Abbi back in January 2011 and are now headed back the end of this month to be full time missionaries to the orphan and hurting people there...
We can't wait to serve alongside of them... Louis and Greg had met and spent a lot of time with them when they went last January... So it was fun for the rest of us to meet them in person!
Talk about easy people to love... I had never met them but really felt like I had known them all along... I know that sounds really cliche but it is so true... We even got to spend Sara's birthday with her yesterday... What a treat for us! 
Their story is an amazing one of how God has worked in their lives, moved mountains and taught them along in the waiting periods... Sweet Sweet People!
All the kids adored Jethro... talk about spunk and sweetness all wrapped up in one... He fit right in here:) 
We felt so honored to be able to have them in our home:)  Till we meet again in Uganda friends!~ 

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