Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is the ornaments that Louis and Caleb received for Christmas... There is a tiny little heart right over the country of Uganda... It is so beautiful... Not sure why I didn't get one for myself and Greg to share... maybe next year:):) 
This year Hopie got a dollhouse (used but new to us)  She loved it!  And the funny thing is... it has been a big hit for all the kids Anna on down... especially Levi... he will sit and play with the little people and cars... I love when you get a present and it actually is a blessing to the family... When it makes lots of the little ones happy!  Love it!
Here is Levi... all tuckered out... He actually went was hanging out with Anna and fell right asleep on the floor:)  Such a sweet little doll!  Funny thing is Levi still has a couple of presents to open up... Christmas day he was more than enamored with the toys he got from Grandmas and Grandpas that we sort of thought why force him to open any more... Maybe in a few days he will get to the rest:)  But for now he is so happy playing with all the other things:)
Jojo and Anna opening up presents in their matching Christmas Jammies! 
Sweet little Isaiah enjoying all the Christmas commotion... he is starting to open those little eyes more... He is out of preemie outfits and diapers... sad face (happy he is growing:):)  sad it is happening so fast!!!)   You are looking at one of the best Christmas presents ever!!~


Becky said...

Too sweet, I love how you captured your special Christmas! Excited for your upcoming trip, praying for all the details my friend!! Love to you all~

LutheranChick said...

It is wonderful to be able to see everything that is going on with your family now that I am no longer living in Oklahoma. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!! The kids are all growing so much!! Isaiah is adorable!! Blessings on the start of your new year and on your trip to Africa!!
In Christ,