Friday, September 7, 2012

Big Changes for Hope:)

This past week brought big changes for our Hopie girl...

After a lot of prayer, thinking, and talking we decided it was best for Hope to spend a couple of days a week heading with papa to work to go to preschool.

She is going to the preschool at our church and did great on her first day!
She loved it! 
She had a few tears but her teacher said that as soon as she realized those tears weren't getting her anywhere, she stopped.

We are so thrilled that it worked out for her to go 2 days a week!  She is soooooo busy and I think all in all it will be the perfect thing for her... She has grown up soooooo much in the last 6 months. 

This is a bit of a stretch for me to have her go, but honestly I think it will be great for everyone.  She was all geared up about taking her own back pack and getting to eat her own lunch at school.   Her favorite part of her first day was getting to play outside on the playground.  

We are thrilled at how the Lord is growing and changing our little Hopie girl!

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