Monday, January 17, 2011

Still at home...

We are thankful tonight that little Levi passed his biophysical profile with flying colors:). Way to go little man!!

It was hilarious, during the ultrasound, you could see him yawning over and over again. Our sweet tech even caught the funniest picture of Levi when was sticking his tongue out.

The other good thing was that my placenta looked the same as it did last Thursday.

G and I had a good talk with my OB. He said that he will call the high risk doc tomorrow and then will call me after he visits with her. He was fine with sending me home today. He said there would be some increased risks for me if I am hospitalized like... Blood clots, infection.... Although both would be unlikely. He did say of course that Levi would be getting more monitoring if I was there.

I asked him (knowing fully that he can't make any predictions) if we were for sure looking at a premature baby? He said he didn't feel there was anyway that I would see 38-39 weeks. He said 36 was a possibility... That made me feel good. At least he didn't think at all that anything is imminent:) and we could even see week 36 with the possibility of very little nicu time. That would be awesome! I know the Lord already knows this little guys birthday.

So tomorrow, little miss Hope will spend the day with my sweet friend Shelley and family and the kids and I will crank on the school work from bed until the doctor calls again. Can I just say my rearend is really getting sore after sitting so much...

Small price to pay for this sweet little baby:).

Thanks for your prayers!!


Tonya said...

So thankful for good news from your appointment. 36 weeks would be awesome! Praying every day sweet friend! Good luck with bed-school!


Stacy said...

What great news on all fronts. Pull out the heating pad....I know when I was on bedrest, that seemed to help a bit. Continuing to pray. :)

Rachel said...

Praying for you all and getting a box of clothes ready to send you. Nothing for a premie though, but I'm sure you'll be blessed by family and friends as well.

Anonymous said...

Love you! and thinking of how God is sweet to make you be still and know that He is God! Haha...I cannot even imagine having to stay down and I am proud of you for doing so well! Hey, Susan O'Donnel from KSBJ called this morning and wants Jack to be on the morning show..Isn't that wild? Will keep you posted...lvoe mary

blessedmomto8 said...

Blakely turned out PERFECT baked at 36 weeks 3 days! SO EXCITED For you! ALL WILL BE WELL!

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