Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's the mama of the house posting:)

Hi friends, it is me Sara.I think I finally figured out how to post from the boy's IPod. We will see how this goes:). Well let me say for a guy who doesn't really even look at my blog often, my hubby sure posted some kind words:).

I kind of smile thinking of him at home with all the kids,busy as can be, while I sit here literally laying around. I think they are doing well so far.

Onto Levi, I just love him, love sitting here hearing his heart beat. He is doing great,praise God! He got his first dose of steroids last night and will get one more tonight just in case to help mature his lungs. The thought he was measuring about 2 lbs 6 oz yesterday so that is a few days ahead of schedule.

Like G said once we get the 24 urine results back then we will go from there. If my levels are over 300 it looks like I will be staying till we meet Levi. But if we are under 300 then we go home on bedrest. The high risk doctor thinks I will probably be over the 300 with the blood pressure as high as it was yesterday at 180 over 105. So we will see. I am so thankful that I feel fine and even more so that Levi is doing so well.

My prayer is that we can make it as many weeks more as we can. The doctor said that you never know I could possibly make it full term. This is all new territory for me, I have always gone fullterm and never had an issue until Samuel was stillborn due to the Cord accident. I have always had very uneventful pregnancies... But obviously God has us on another little adventure with this special guy:).

So we wait on God's timing... Thanks so much for your prayers . We will keep you all posted:)


Samantha said...

Sara friend,
The Cecil Clan is praying for you and baby Levi, Greg and the kids. So glad to hear Levi is doing so very well. You are in wonderful care and in the right place right now. Greg is awesome and will do great with those sweet kiddos of yours. Wish I was still a county over from you and I'd be there in a heartbeat. Love you so much! Keep us posted. Hugs and kisses across cyberspace, Sam and the Clan

Tonya said...

Sweet Sara,

I am praying for you and that sweet Baby Levi. I can't believe how high your BP was. That's just downright scary! I'm so glad you and your doctor are on top of it. I'm praying that you will be on bedrest for a long time, whether at home or in the hospital. I would love to talk to you soon...1,ooo questions floating around in my head, wondering if you're feeling any of the same I felt with Matthew, and Grady for that matter. I will keep checking on you every day. Greg, thank you SO much for keeping us posted when Sara can't!

Love, ((HUGS)) and prayers!

Anonymous said...

hi sara,
boy, i don't check in for a couple days and so much has happened!

i will be praying for health for you, more growing for levi, strength for greg to keep everything together, and also praying for the rest of your kids -it's hard to have mom away! but i know if anyone can handle this, the hintz family can. your love and faith always pull you through.

thanks for keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I'm praying for you. I had you in thought all day yesterday and was going to call you today. Please let me know if I can help in any way. I live right up the road. If Greg needs anything, please tell him to call me. 279-1681

Love you guys....& little Levi!


Z is for Ramble said...

Glad to see you post. Still praying for you, Levi and the clan. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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