Monday, January 24, 2011

30 WEEKS:)

Here are Levi and I at 30 weeks... Yay... Praise God!!
I am so thankful that we have been able to keep him in there for an additional 3 weeks and hopefully, at least 3 more.
I am shocked that 3 weeks have passed since I have been put on bedrest... it really has gone quickly... except for the hours between 1:00 and 6:00am... I am having such a hard time sleeping... I should be well prepared for the lack of sleep that will come after he arrives, Lord willing.
My appointment with my OB went well today. Levi did just fine with the NST and the biophysical profile again. I called another high risk doctor for a 2nd opinion, but the receptionist said that they don't see people with out a referral... She said she would tell him my situation and then see if he would meet with me and then she said she would call me back. I didn't hear back from them today... I am hoping tomorrow. My doctor did set my mind somewhat at ease. And I know I have said it over and over again... I really do like him. He has great bedside manner.
Greg and I laughed today as we find it so amusing the care you get from different nurses. You would think that they would in general be compassionate people... but that doesn't always seem to be the case. I know and fully understand that I don't know the circumstances that each may face each day... but it is so amazing when you are the patient... how far a smile and a warm disposition can go in making you feel more at ease. Compared to when you may have someone who as Greg says, "Comes in with their MAD on."
It really does make me want to be more attentive to my disposition in general... I have always admired those who just seem to have a soft smile on their face all the time. I remember my Aunt Adrienne, who had 7 kids, telling me once that when she was cleaning she always tried to hum... it just made her feel happier while she was working... I may have to try that... but it might drive my boys crazy:)
Anyways, enough rambling for today...
Thanking God for another week with our Levi... praying for his continued safety and protection... so thankful that God has given him to us...


Tonya said...

So thankful for a good appointment today. You and Levi look great! Keep us posted! Praying every day!


Anna said...

Yay for 30 weeks! Praying for a few more.

Becky said...

O.K. that is one beautiful picture!!! Simply gorgeous, look at that perfect little baby bump. I think you should have that framed! LOVE it and am so thankful for the care you are getting. Praying for a few more uneventful, peaceful and restful weeks!

Love to you friend~

Jen said...

yay! and btw you are all belly :) you look great!

Stacy said...

I am soooo happy for you guys that you made it to 30 weeks. Our oldest was born at 30 weeks and 4 days...2lbs 12 oz. and today he is a healthy, intelligent and active 14 year old.

Praying God gives Levi many more healthy weeks of growing on the inside, but know that if he were born today, 30 weeks brings forth a good prognosis, medically speaking. Of course, God can do anything!!!

Trusting God with you in all things. And will be praying for 1-6AM sleep time.

Thanks for keeping us all post. God has you on my heart continually.

Much love,

Stacy said... the pregnant belly!! :)

Christa said...

Congrats on making it to 30 weeks!!! Your belly is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Super Cute!! Thanks for treating us with the photo. Love to see my little nephew. Love you and all praying!

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