Sunday, January 16, 2011

A short update:)

I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning early so I will try to update after that....

But I have been doing a lot of thinking.... what else do you do when you are sitting in bed 24/7:)

I did call my doctor back last Friday and had him answer some more of my questions.

He reassured me that usually this placenta thing isn't a quick over night change sort of thing... he said we would see signs in Levi that if it wasn't still functioning would affect Levi. (Really after all we have been through... that is too late for me... I don't want to see signs in him that he isn't getting what he needs... does that make sense??)

We talked about putting me back in the hospital. I informed him that we are 40 minutes from the hospital if we are at home... he said we will discuss it tomorrow and that he can put me in at any time... he just wanted to buy me more time for our sake.

So I am packing a few things just in case that is where I end up after my visit.

Par for the course... Levi wiggles a good amount during the day... but he continues to do his usual... never moves at night... by morning I am usually still quite tired from staying awake trying to get him to move...listening for his heartbeat on the doppler... and just becoming restless and uncomfortable with his lack of movement.

I know this is his consistent pattern, but it is hard.... knowing Samuel died sometime during the night and I woke up with no movement... Even knowing Levi's life is in God's hands.... IT IS SO HARD NOT TO FEEL RESPONSIBL for this little guy... I think Greg finally understands my feelings with this... as a daddy, it isn't going on inside of him... he relies on me to keep track of that and the doctors.

We just want to do absolutely everything we can to allow Levi the very best outcome possible. I am soooooo thankful to be at 29 weeks tomorrow... but I would love for him to stay put as long as my placenta is working. And I would love to be where I need to be so that if action has to be taken at some point early we are in the very capable hands of doctors:)

So we will see ...

We have lots of people who have offered to help with the kids so I think we have a plan somewhat in place... Thank you Lord for people who are willing to help us during this time. Thanks for your continued prayers...

Besides this Levi news:) We did have Anna down and out throwing up yesterday every 14 minutes for a good 7 hours... I felt so bad for her. Eventually yesterday after noon she could keep a little bit of liquids down. We are praying that no one else gets it. I think it is weird that threw up one time on Monday and then we are all fine till early Saturday morning... It seems like that wouldn't be the same bug. Other than that... not to much happened that I could see from the bedroom... I am so thankful that everyone has adjusted well to mom having to stay put.

I will let you know how tomorrow goes. Thanks for all your prayers!!


Samantha said...

Sara Honey,
Praying, praying that you know how much you are loved and held in the hands of our Father. So glad that your friends and family are willing to help if you stay at the hospital. Remember, it's just a drop in the bucket of time to be away from them. Praying for a good news report from the doc. Love you friend so very much. You will be in all my thoughts and prayers today. Talk to you later. Love you!

Tonya said...

Sweet Sara,

I'm praying. Praying for wisdom for your doctor, peace for you and Greg, protection of Levi's life and healing for Anna (along with no one else getting sick!). Will be looking for an update soon.

Love you!

Z is for Ramble said...

Hey Sara, I pray everything works out at the doctors the way that it should and that you will have total peace in your heaart.

If you end up coming home after the doctors, you can try this to get Levi moving whwn you really just need the reassurance: When my mom was pregnant with me, my parents liked to make me move so they would put a spoon in the freezer and then touch it to my mom's belly and I would move and wiggle. At first, I thought this sounded mean but the more I think about it, my mom would have felt the icy coldness of the spoon on her skin and I would have just felt a little of the cold. It might work On Levi. Maybe try it when you know he is awake and see if it does anything. If it works, try in at night and see if it can get him to move. If it doesnt work when he is asleep, try not to worry too much, it might not be cold enough to wake him up...but if it does work, just be sure to let the child get enough rest. ;-)

Hope everything works out for you.

Molly Koop said...

Sara, I wish I had more time to write, but I'm in the middle of our school day. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and Levi. As I have read your last few posts I have just been sitting here nodding my head in agreement. I know just how you are feeling. (They don't know for sure, but they suspect Henry died from an insufficient placenta, even though his placenta looked very healthy.) I spent many hours awake at night poking at Francis. Brendan told me Francis would be born sleep deprived because of it. :) You are in good hands with your doctors (and I also know that sometimes all the science and stats are hardly reassuring to a mom who has had a loss). Just know the Koops are praying for your peace. God bless you! God bless little Levi!

Stacy said...

Continuing to pray for you and your family. So thankful that God has allowed sweet Levi to stay put inside of you, growing and thriving. Will be praying over your appointment tomorrow and for God's perfect peace to rest heavily upon you. Thanks for keeping us updated.

You are loved from across the miles.....:)

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