Thursday, January 6, 2011

Going home for now:)

So the doctor said my numbers came in just below what I needed it to be at to go home. They haven't discharged me yet, but should be doing that soon:)

The high risk doctor did say she felt like I will be back in here at some point again before Levi comes, but that hopefully we can buy us all some time with mom at home before that happens. That sounds good to me.

It is very hard for me to let messes go, but that will have to change for a while:). And truly I will do anything within my power to get Levi here safely and at the right time. The kids are huge helpers but I also want to not expect too much of them. I know Greg can take care of things very well too, but I also know he has a full time job and helping with the kids will be a lot. We have very sweet friends who are being very persistent on making sure we accept meals. ( thanks Nikki and Shelley) Even though we have meals frozen, those will go pretty quickly if I am not cooking at all. So I am so thankful that church can help us out with that. Thank you God! That will be a huge help.

So I am going home on strict orders to monitor my bp and stay put! So stay put I will:).

Thanks again for all your prayers! We are so grateful to you all:)


Samantha said...

Sara Bara,

I have been thinking and praying for you and baby Levi all day. Thank you Jesus that your numbers are down and you can rest at home. I know those kiddos will be fine. They are awesome! Praying for peace and good rest for you and all the fam. Love you friend. Talk to you soon! Sam

Stacy said...

Praising God for low numbers and answered prayer. You have been on my heart continually. I will keep you before the Lord in prayer. I know it will be hard to stay resting and off your feet, but it is only for a time. Our first son was born at 30 weeks....he is fine now....14 years old...but it is much better to keep them in the womb as long as can be!

It will be hard to receive help....but let those around you bless you in this way....they are being God's hands and feet to you and your family and serving the Lord in the process. That is what the body is suppose to do! :)

Much love,

Anna said...

Hi Sara,

I found you through Ebe & Tonya's blogs... I'm so happy to hear you get to go home. As a "veteran bed rest-er" I know how challenging it is but how necessary it is. I'm praying for you and Levi and the rest of your family through this hard time. Hoping you and Levi can make it many weeks at home!


Tonya said...

I'm so glad you get to go home and rest in your own bed and on your own sofa. There's no place like home, for sure! Please take it easy. I wish I could come over and help you in some way, but instead I'll just keep praying and checking on you. I might try to call you over the weekend.

Love and (((HUGS)))!

Christa said...

SO glad that you were able to go home! I will continue praying that your blood pressure stays low and for sweet little Levi! I just love his name!