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I can hardly believe that 2010 is here. Just the other week I wrote October 2008 on a check... where did that come from?... this past week I numerous times called my sister in law Katy, Jane (one of my other sister in laws names) and referred to our town as Tomball. (The city Greg and I first lived in when we were married. We moved from there 10+years ago.) I am constantly telling people to not be offended if I forget something important or say something really off the wall. I think my brain is still recovering... Does anyone else have some of these same issues... or is it just me? Am I ready for 2010? I am not really sure:)
Do you know how hard it is to take pictures and not be able to post them here with sweet little HOPE in them. She has a cold... runny, runny nose... poor little girl. Even still, she is sleeping like a champ, she is amazing with that. We are just praying that she feels better quickly. We have seen her fussy side for the first time, now that she isn't feeling well. And she is starting to fuss for me... this may sound strange, but I am really thankful to see that. I think she must be bonding and attaching to me. I think she realizes I am her caregiver and momma. Does that make sense? For the first couple of days, she wanted nothing to do with me. (That was a little tough for me, the baby lover, to swallow) She loved Greg and was really soothed by him, which was great, but usually I have ALWAYS been the one to be able to settle our children. This was different, but thankfully has changed. She still loves Greg, and even grunts for him, when she sees him in front at church:) (I think that is kind of cute... she is grunting for her Papa:) But she loves being with me too. That makes my mommy heart leap for joy... this adoption road is new for all of us... it is quite an adventure... one we are so happy to be journeying through.
We had a lovely time with my brother John, Katy, and their girls Ella and Grace. The kids were thrilled to be able to spend time with their cousins. We checked out the local hot spots, like Atwoods, Bass Pro, and the Coweta Boutique. The older boys went down to a homeless shelter with them to serve a meal. (I love that they had that experience. They had so much to say about it when they came home.) We also hit the aquarium yesterday. We had kind of a quiet New Years Eve, enjoying Katy's delicious New Year's Eve Bread... so yummy. Katy was such a gem and really helped me organize my kitchen... she inspired me to really get organized in general. This past year I have really let things slide... it hasn't been good, so hopefully that can change in this coming year. I was blessed to spend some time talking with my precious niece Ella about all of the changes for her with entering High School this year. I love knowing how I can pray for her. She is growing into such a sweet young lady with a deep love of her Savior and others. What a caring heart she has.
They even went out and picked up something for their new niece, HOPE. With her gift came a sweet homemade card sharing in the goodness of the Lord in bringing her to us. They also acknowledged our sweet Samuel. It was so nice to see that they realize that having Hope, though it fills us with great joy and thankfulness, doesn't just magically take away the loss and pain we still feel over not having Samuel with us. (That has been one of my BIGGEST fears with having another child in our family, is that people will just assume that will make it all better for us. I know it sets their mind at ease to see us with a living baby in our arms... but it will never take away what we experienced and continue to experience with losing Samuel) I am sure that may sound odd to some, but it is reality for us. We are thrilled and joyful that she is with us, yet we still miss Samuel terribly. John and Katy seem to understand that... that in and of itself was a gift to us. It was so nice just being able to visit and spend time with them. What a precious treat for us. We were so sad to see them go today.
Tomorrow will be a busy day... I can't decide if we will take down the trees or leave them up for another week. Then there is lots of laundry to fold, and clothes to pack and on Sunday we will head to visit Greg's family for a bit... We are looking forward to the vacation and for them to meet Hope.
Looking forward to what 2010 brings our way...

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Ebe said...

Sara, I can't wait to see Hope's little face! I love love that she grunts for her daddy. How precious. And I know how wonderful it must be for you to be able to calm her.

I remember you saying something about coming down south in January or that still the case with your Hope at home with you?
I would love to meet up. Of course, if things work out the way we think they are going to, then we'll be in St. Louis next fall. Crazy to think...

I'm so glad that Christmas was peaceful. Have fun with Greg's family. I know they are super excited to meet your Hope.