Tuesday, January 5, 2010


OK, this time last year this is what it looked like... beautiful blue sky... my kids out in T-shirts and shorts...
Not this year...This frozen tundra girl is feeling like we moved back to my Wisconsin roots...
It is "stinkin" (as my dear dad would say) freezin here!
By the way, I have something to share about the dog my sweet daughter Anna is hugging, who the kids lovingly named Nigel. Last year my neighbor came over in the covering of the darkness of night asking to only speak with me. (Greg was still gone at work) He wanted to tell me that if we wanted to keep the stray, Nigel, he would help us with a kennel for the garage. But if we didn't he would be taking Nigel away... and he wouldn't be coming back. It kind of freaked me out, but apparantly he was going to take him to a friends house. That is what he did. But the crazy thing is the former dog despising girl... kind of regrets it... don't tell my kids that... but Nigel was such a sweet dog. He is huge though isn't he?
One more thing, I took the most precious pictures of 2 sweet sisters napping together today. Anna was feeding Hope a bottle on the chair. When I walked back in the family room they had both fallen asleep actually holding hands all snuggled up together. It was pretty adorable... I can't wait to be able to post some pictures of the kiddos with their new sister.
Enough said, I am off to snuggle with my hubby under the mound of blankets on our bed to stay warm... Have I ever mentioned that one little blessing since losing Samuel is that there isn't a night that goes by, (unless Greg is out of town) that I don't fall asleep snuggled in my hubby's arms. I love it. I never used to be a big snuggler in bed... I kind of liked my space... but that has all changed... I love "our space" now!
Blessings everyone... Stay warm!


Tonya said...

It is SO cold for us here in the south! I HATE IT! I would never survive up north. We have a 60% chance of snow tomorrow afternoon...we'll see what comes of it.

I wish you had kept Nigel, too. I do love our Buddy and even Gib is starting to love him. He would never admit it, but I can tell.

I can only imagine how sweet that picture of Anna and Hope is. I can't wait until you're able to post pictures so we can see her.

Try to stay warm! Praying for you friend.


Ebe said...

I was really hoping this was going to be the picture of your family this year with Hope. sad...

I can't believe that last year you guys were wearing shorts and tee shirts, but I'm sure we were doing the same down here too.
Tonya's very right in the degree of coldness we're having. It gets cold here, but the degree of cold now is really bad. Last night, just going from the grocery store to the car, my face went numb. This wind chill is crazy!

I hope today is peaceful.


Kristin said...

Your kids are so cute! I can't wait to see the picture of Anna and Hope together!