Monday, October 19, 2009


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week

I would never nick name my four year sir nakedness... just because he has to strip down EVERY time he has to use the toilet... that just couldn't be me..., nor would I ever post it publicly on my blog, he would be so embarrassed by that.

It could not be me who has a child that exclaimed isn't that a part of your rear end? When I told him he needed to put a colon after the Greeting in a business letter? No, not me, my kids would have far more class than that...

I would never broadcast on my blog that my son Caleb scored all 4 of his teams goals in yesterdays soccer game... that would rather boastful, don't you think?

I also would not still be so proud of him...even if they lost by 1 goal...:)

It couldn't be me who worked my in-laws like slaves on their vacation here this past weekend... I would never do that I would have everything neat and in order before their arrival.

I would never let my kids sleep in the same bed, like in above picture, where Anna is laughing because she is being smothered by her little brother who has been sound asleep for ahhh 30 minutes. I would never do that, just because it is so precious... I would rather have them all get optimum sleep every night.

It definitely wouldn't be me who made the kids all pool their Halloween treats from said grandparents above... just so I wouldn't find wrappers in their rooms or so I could have a piece myself when I want one.

I would never get a good hearty laugh when I stumbled upon my 4year old, who was supposed to be sleeping, sporting some of my "unmentionables" stuffed full with socks.

It has been kind of a busy week around here with lots of things we would never do:)


Ryane said...

Very cute!! Haha Don't you just love my godson!?!?!!?
Holy Moly I have disappeared for a blogs are actually scheduled posts that I did a while ago :( The Chili Cook-Off is freaking me out! Ha At least I wll have 5 people if you guys still plan to come!!! Haha Sara, please pray that this event is a success-getting nervous!
I love and miss you-so sorry I have not called in weeks :( I MISS talking to you friend!!
Love you!

Tonya said...

I'm quite enjoying your NOT ME MONDAY posts! I haven't gotten up the nerve to try it yet. (Really, I just think I'm not creative enough!)

I can't believe Samuel's heaven day is just a little over one week away. Do you have plans as to how you're going to spend that day? I have had several people say that the anticipation is much worse than the day itself. I can't imagine but will find out soon enough.

I've been praying for you and will continue to. I honestly had never read your posts from last year when Samuel died. I just went back to the days before he was born, and with tears streaming down my face, read your words. You were beautifully glowing as you awaited his arrival. I remember those feelings of excitement and anticipation just like it was yesterday. My heart longs to go back in time and re-live it all. It sounds crazy, but even if I had the pain of losing him again, I would get to feel Grady alive, well, kicking, hiccuping, etc. I would get to hold him and kiss him again, and knowing what I know now, make different, better choices. He was (and is) such a beautiful baby boy! I can't get over his rosey red lips, too, just like Grady's. I probably kissed them way too much, but they were sweet kisses and precious memories.

Taking care of Grady was supposed to be my 24/7 job too. Adjusting to life which was so different, yet very normal, without him was, and continues to be, hard for me. I always think of what he would be doing or how differently we would have to plan with him here.

I am so blessed and thankful to have you as a friend now. I only wish we had known each other last year to walk this road together from the beginning.

Sending you big hugs, lots of love and prayers, and many blessings!