Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yes, that chicken is alive... and Yes, Jojo absolutely could be a farm boy! Boy does he crack me up.
We have been spending a lot of time at the Bottom's farm. It has been such a blessing to us and we hope we have been a blessing to them as well. They also lost a child, their daughter I think 20 or 25 years ago. She has had a hospice business as well, so she is just a HUGE ball of knowledge in regards to grief. They now call us the Oklahoma children and grandchildren. We love that. All of their kids live out of state, but we have gotten to meet them all which is so nice.
In fact, Grandma Deena just called to tell us to head over. She already has dinner going! She is the best cook, every time we go there, Greg and I leaving saying, "You have to roll me out of here." We are always stuffed. Going there is such a gift to me, when you live away from home, it is so nice to have a place to call home where mom just cooks and takes care of you and the kids. That is what it feels like at the Bottoms. HOME... and we love it.
Grandpa Larry hasn't been well lately and they are trying to sell their home. So we have been heading out most weekends to help with cleaning up the barn, working in the garden. Etc. We absolutely love it. Their home and land is just a dream to me. Tuesday we went over and the kids and I and Deena made 20 dozen cookies, 5 pans of brownies, 3 cakes, and 4 dozen cupcakes. She is a mad lady in the kitchen. There is a big chili cook off at the farmers market this Saturday. So they asked her to sell her goods... jams, salsa, tons of other canned cookies, and baked goods. We laughed the other night because we were filling out adoption forms and we had to list favorites of the kids. When we asked Jojo what his favorite foods were, he responded with... Grandma's corn, Grandma's rolls and jam. He didn't mention my cooking once:) I had to laugh at that. So we are heading back over tonight to cook for Saturday and the boys will stay the night tomorrow so they can help at the market on Saturday. They have been doing that most Fridays for the last couple of months. They have really loved every minute of it.
So we are blessed by our time with the Bottoms and we are praying for God's healing touch on Grandpa Larry.
The other REALLY exciting news in that my sweet lady friends from the seminary may all come for a visit. It is in the works, nothing for sure yet, but even that is a big thing to celebrate here:) They would be coming from Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Florida. It would be sooooo wonderful to have that to look forward to in November.


Tonya said...

I love having *family* that's not really family. I'm especially thankful for you and your family that you have them since you are away from your *blood* family. I'm sure you're just as much of a blessing to them as they are to you, if not more so!

I hope things work out with your seminary friends. You would probably benefit from a wonderful visit from your *heart* friends after Samuel's one year heaven day/birthday. I know I would.

Take care sweet friend. Know that I think of you each and every day with a smile that I've been able to *meet* such a wonderful friend!!!

Love and hugs.

Ryane said...

My godson is the cutest thing ever!! What a stud-catching chickens!!!!!!
Sara, I hear you on the comfort of a family thats not family-Debbie and Robert are a gift from God!! My Louisiana Parents!!!
Take notes at the cook off, may be helpful next month!!!
Love you!