Friday, July 31, 2009


This was when we were praying over the birth mom.

Can you see little Jojo leaning in? Could he be more precious?

Here is Caleb and the birth mom's grandma putting their roses by Joel's little casket.

We were so thrilled today when we got a call from our birth mom saying that they (herself, her mom, and her grandma) wanted to make sure they didn't miss Greg's ordination. I told them it was on Sunday and they were really excited that they will be able to come. The kids were absolutely thrilled when they heard this. Yeah! I asked Louis today if he felt like someone is always missing... He said, he felt like 3 people are missing... Samuel, baby Joel, and the birth mom. We knew she wouldn't stay with us forever... but we were anticipating her staying for a bit longer than she did. We really do miss her, but it sounds like she is really doing well, and we are so happy for her.
I thought I would post a few pictures from Joel's graveside service. I will try to post some from our Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep photographer that came the day Joel was born when we receive them. When I look back on all that has happened to us and our friends over the past year... honestly, I am weary. I know that God won't give us more than we can handle... but really, I feel close. I don't want to hear any more bad news. A friend and I were laughing that when people see my number on the caller ID, they may not want to answer for fear or more bad news. I can't wait for the Lord to turn the tables, and for us to be able to see some good come from it all. Or heck, turn the tables and work some amazing miracles in our midst. Wouldn't it be awesome to be witness to that greatness. Right now it kind of feels a little like, actually a lot like survival mode.
We will have a super busy weekend. Greg's parents, his sister, and her daughter arrived today. Praise God for wonderful Mother-in-laws that bring dinner with them:) What a treat to have them have it all ready for us tonight. My parents come tomorrow. And then we have other pastors, and friends coming in over the weekend. Greg's ordination will be on Sunday... Yeah, all of his hard work at the seminary and here for the last year... will finally be complete... he will be a pastor... The work will continue:) But the organized part of the learning will be done. Well that is until he starts up another class next month for his masters in Marriage and family ministry. This was a degree that he had worked on prior to going to the sem. He is excited to finish it, maybe next fall. Poor guy, I think when he is done with that degree, he will REALLY be done.
Much love to you all!


Tonya said...

Hope you have a great weekend with so many family and friends! Congratulations to Greg and many, many blessings for him as his ministry continues!


Rachel said...

Sara -
You used the word "weary" and I think that's the perfect word to sum up the way I feel too. Not just a tiredness, but an emotional, physical, and yes, even spiritual weariness. I've thought about doing a post about it, but just haven't had the emotional strength to go there.

Thanks for sharing Joel's service with us. It looked like a sad, but beautiful dedication of his short life. Have a great weekened with your family and much Congratulations to Greg!

kristilea said...

Just found your blog sorry to hear of your loss...again. I just feel for you so deeply. My closest friend had to deliver a baby girl at 22 weeks after discovering she had died in utero. It's something a mother should never have to go through. I will be praying for your family and the birth mother. Praise God we have Him to lean on in these troubled times. I can't imagine living this life without a personal relationship with Him.

Christa said...

Thank you for sharing baby Joel's beautiful service. That is such a sweet picture of Jojo leaning in. Have a good time with your family this weekend. Congratulations to Greg!

Corie said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures. What a treasure they are. My heart just has been breaking for your losses and the losses around you. I think of you often and continue to pray for you.

Ebe said...

What heartbreaking pictures.

We are continuing to pray for you and your friends as we all struggle to live in God's providence.

love and prayers,