Monday, July 27, 2009


I don't have a lot of time to post... just a quick one.

We are heading downtown to fight my ticket for failing to stop at the stop sign that I STOPPED at:) I know it is such a small thing, in light of what our friends are going through right now... but it is the principle of it for me.

From downtown we will head to St. Louis for the funeral of baby Nate. Please continue to pray for Jerry, Gretchen and Noah. I know Gretchen is struggling with some troubling questions. I know as a momma there are so many thoughts and images that can really torment you. They need miraculous peace to flood them just to get through these next weeks.

We had a special time with my dear friend Mary from Texas. We are actually going to stay with her and her parents in St. Louis tonight.

Last night, we had a wonderful dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, cousin and 3 of their friends last night. They came from Indiana to volunteer at the Voice of the Martyrs headquarters. After they left we went for a family walk in the neighborhood. Greg right away said, "That was so incredibly nice to have them here... it gave me peace and refreshed me." I felt the exact same way, to have family here, to be free to lay it all out there and be comforted. It was a treat, and they came at just the right time. I will post when I get back. Thanks for the prayers for our friends.

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Tonya said...

Good luck with the ticket! Thinking of you and praying for you.