Friday, July 24, 2009


Friends, I am needing you to storm the gates of Heaven on behalf of our dear friends from St. Louis. Jerry and Greg were in the same program at the seminary. He is now a Pastor at a church in St. Louis. A year and a half ago I asked you to pray for them when they lost their 9 year old son in a tragic helicoptor accident while they were on vacation in Texas.

Seven months ago they made plans to adopt a baby that was to be born in March. He was born a couple of months early. Just an hour and a half ago my dear friend Becky called and said that this sweet precious baby boy, Nate, was found not breathing in his crib. They were on their way to the hospital with him. Immediately we were praying for a miracle for this family and for the Lord's sustaining power to rest on them. She called back a half hour later to tell me that he was gone.

Our hearts are absolutely broken for our friends. After everything that they have already been through... Really, I feel like I have very few words. I am completely in shock that this could even possibly happen... to them. I don't understand God's ways. I just don't get it... when is it just too much Lord? I know they will be proclaiming God's mighty ways through all of this. I also know the intense pain that they will be feeling over this new loss. I also know how this will make the loss of sweet Caleb fresh again.

Please, please pray for Jerry, Gretchen, and their 7 year old son Noah. They need a huge measure of the Lord's presence and peace right now. They need to feel the love of Christ from His people surrounding them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


JD said...

My heart breaks for this family, Oh Lord, please cover them in your healing presence, and help them see You through their tears. Let them see that You are there amongst the pain, that You are catching all their tears, that You are cradling them in Your mighty arms right now, Lord.

Unfathomable... I don't understand either, all I know is that they will all be in our prayers.

Ryane said...

They are in my thoughts right this moment. This stirs anger in me from Samuel and Joel, with the God I thought I knew. I am deeply sad for this family. They are in my thoughts and on my heart.
Love you Sara! I know you will be able to understand and deliver words of comfort that no one else could. I am so thankful you are their friend :)

Rachel said...

It's so hard to hear of more people suffering the loss of a child and for this family, their second son. I will be praying!

Christa said...

I am so sad for this family...I will keep them in my prayers!

Tonya said...

Dear Sara,
I read this post not long after you posted it. I didn't comment because I didn't know what to say. And still don't, really. I have been praying for them all weekend. I just don't understand these things. It makes me think and question...isn't one tragedy enough, Lord? I can only imagine the depth of their pain and sorrow. And, I can only imagine how weary and broken your heart is after all you've gone through recently. Praying for comfort and strength, not only for your friends, but for you and Greg too.

Ebe said...

Oh, Sara. My heart is aching. I don't understand...
I just don't understand His ways at all.

We are praying for comfort and for the Lord to uphold your dear friends. He is holding them...I pray they can feel it. I'm just so so sorry...