Friday, August 10, 2012


 Jojo hunkering down in the back of the pick up truck.... getting ready for the movie:)
 Our Hope before the movie began...Doesn't she have such beautiful dark eyes... so precious!
 The sun is setting it is almost time...

Tonight Greg and I took the kids to the drive in movie theatre... I can't remember the last time I had been to one... For sure not since we were married 19 years ago...

Talk about ideal... the kids didn't have to sit still squashed in one little seat...They had room to move around. It was out doors so if Levi squawked a little it was just fine... The homemade caramel corn was delicious!  (Good job Caleb!)  It was far more comfortable laying on a bunch of blankets than in the theatre and the weather was PERFECT!  To top it off, the new Ice Age movie was really cute!

I think we will try it again sometime, obviously sooner than 19 years from now:)

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Tesha said...

Sounds like such fun, love the pictures of your sweeties.