Monday, August 20, 2012

More Blue Hole!

Sweet Jojo and big bro Caleb:)
Anna wearing her new Land's End swimsuit... I love how you can usually find great modest swimsuits at Land's End for young girls at a great price at the end of the season...  I usually order a bunch of sizes and then I can return the ones we don't want at Sears here in town:)  Very Convenient!!!:)
When Hope is somewhere new she is sooooo good!  She is totally happy and occupied checking out all the new things to see and do!
Levi... so yummy ... Love his long eyelashes!
Lou, Hope and Jojo taking a break from washing dishes:)
Ahhhh... we are settling in back at home after the camp out!  I ordered EVERYTHING I need for the school year today and it feels soooooo good!  A definite burden lifted off my shoulders.  I sort of held off early in the summer wondering if we would sell our house and have to move... I didn't want to have to move any more than we already had to move... That wasn't God's plan... Then time just got away from me and here we are 2 weeks out from school beginning... YIKES!!! 

(Those buyers who looked at our house 2 times in one day just a week ago... they said we are their number one choice... they are debating if they will build or buy our house... My gut feeling is that they will build... You never know...  God sees the big pictures... I am so thankful for that!)

I actually feel really good about the upcoming school year.  We will be doing the coop again and the boys are taking an Algebra course online.  Hopefully it will all come together.  It usually takes about a month before I breath a sigh of relief and exclaim, "We are finally in a groove!" 

Ok, gotta run... heading to watch a movie with the older boys and my sweet young friend Katie!:)

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