Sunday, August 5, 2012

Delightful night...

My sweet friend Lisa and I and baby Greta:).... mmmm... it was such a treat to get my hands on that little girl, she is such a doll!
Greta's baptism at a local park...  a beautiful night:)
The precious Harbaugh crew:)
What a special evening last Friday... We were blessed to be able to get together with some sweet friends for the baptism of their little girl Greta.  

Lisa and I have connections that totally were laughable and shocking when I first found out.  I have known her grandma and grandpa  for as long as I can remember.  I grew up with her aunts and uncles going to youth group with my older brothers.  She was actually born and raised in the church that Greg was serving in before we moved to go to the seminary.  We knows slews of the same people.  When I found out that she literally lived probably one mile (as the crow flies) from me, I almost fell over.  

We are extremely like minded in many ways... We share many of the same passions!  The crazy thing is we really should see each other SO much more often than we do... but when we do, the talk flows freely and it is a great blessing to me. 

This past Friday, our family was greatly blessed to witness Greta's baptism in a beautiful park near by.  We took a quick hike through the shaded woods and then headed back to their home for brats... a true Wisconsin meal:)  YUMMO!  The kids swam in the pool and we had some lively discussion.  It greatly encouraged my heart.  Thank you Lord for bringing me friends who share my heart! 

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Becky said...

Precious family this is! Lots o' girls! And let me know how the sourdough goes ;). Love you guys!