Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Thank God, that all of the barfing has stopped at least in our home...

I still feel awful, Greg's cousin and niece both seemed to have come down with it now... and my sister in law may be next. Big bummer. I am praying that they recover quickly...

It all reminds me of our trip to Wisconsin, the one where now all my relatives remember it by saying, "Remember the time we all got the Louis fluie?" That was a long time ago...

We had a beautiful day... I can't post any pictures from my in laws computer, but will when I get home. It was gorgeous out, so we headed to the park. We also let the kids jump rope, roller blade and rip stix around the cul du sac. Caleb was hilarious, he totally was pretending to be Apollo Ohno. I think he did over 50 laps around that thing... and he still had tons of crazy energy when we were playing our board game tonight. It was so nice to get out and get some fresh air today. We all needed it.

Well, I wanted to share too, that as far as the sweet little girl goes... the appeal has been made... so the wait till we know the outcome of this will be even longer. Ugh! Really, I knew it could happen, but it still makes me a little mad... is that wrong? Caleb, last night was crying about how unfair life is. It was all in reference to losing Samuel, then faith's baby, then the miscarriage, and still being unsure if we will get to keep this sweet little girl. I had to ask him if he thought we should still pursue conceiving and adoption or if it was just too hard for him and the other kids. He right away said that it was worth the risk to him. Of course these are all great teaching moments to talk with him about how life isn't fair, but that God will sustain us through whatever He allows to come our way. There are so many who have it far far worse than us... We have much to be grateful for... I always want my kids to know that.

Anyways, we should know a bit more within the next couple of weeks but I am sure the appeal to the OKla-oma Supre-e court will take a long while. Your prayers are always appreciated. Please pray that the Lord fills all of our hearts with great peace that can only be from Him. Pray for things to happen as quickly as possible. Pray for wisdom for our family. Please also pray for the Lord's protection on this little girl's life all of the way through.

This makes me fear what could happen even if we end up with her in the end...Obviously, this is my great desire, of course, but there is a fear that we can protect ALL of our children. I wonder if I will need to make my blog private. I already am thinking of changing things so that it becomes a little more anonymous. I need to get to that soon. I am so computer illiterate which means that may take a lot of effort for someone like me... Anyone have any tips for me?

Thanks again for hanging with us on this journey... God is faithful... He can move mountains... He will strengthen us for the road ahead... He will walk it with us!

Ok, I need to run... Hoping to hit IKEA tomorrow:)


Heaven to Earth Photography said...

So glad that you all are feeling better! You can make your blog private, you enter the person's email address and only that person can read the blog...go to SETTINGS and the PERMISSIONS and you can select which option you want...you can only have 100 blog readers when you set it to private and those people have to sign in with there email. You have to enter their email as an appoved acct.

Tonya said...

I'm so glad y'all are feeling better! Praying as always!


blessedmomto8 said...

IKEA!! I'm jealous!

As for little girl, God will protect her, you and your family. That's the way I always looked at in when the devil let fear creep in. :)

Ebe said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear you're all better! Yay!
As I was lying in my hallway on the floor with the trash can nearby, I thought to myself, you know the only thing that would make this worse is if I had a little one who was sick too and I was sick and pregnant....maybe one day I'll get that honor! ;)

We are praying for dear Hope. And you all. I just can't imagine anything other than her staying with you. I know that is how you must feel about little Hannah. I'll hope for you. You hope for me, okay?
And I'll pray too!