Saturday, March 6, 2010


On the way down we stopped at Grandma and Grandpa Bottoms for lunch and a quick visit. It was such a treat. As usual we left feeling like we had to roll ourselves out of there. She is an amazing cook. It was so nice to see them and visit with them. We still really miss having them up here and being able to enjoy time with them at their home. But it was a huge blessing that they were right on the way to the conference I was attending. The kids were so excited to be able to see their adopted "Oklahoma grandparents" again.

I got the nicest card from Lisa while we were down there... she had all these little cards with verses of encouragement on them packed into the envelope. It was just what I needed.


I am realizing one thing... it is hard to find pictures that sweet baby girl is not in. But here are a few from our trip and I will post more as I tell you a bit more about our vacation.
We had such a nice time... besides the whole being sick part:) I also realized during this trip that being sick in your own home, makes for an easier situation. When the littlest girl in the house started vomiting, I really thought it was a food allergy thing. She seems to have some issues with food that we need to get checked out. We are almost 100% sure that she has a potato allergy. ( I know that is pretty weird huh?) Anyways she was great from Sat. afternoon on so we figured we could go ahead with the whole extended family Christmas celebration. Unbeknownst to us we passed the bug to 2 other families. I still feel bad about that.
Once we were all feeling better we did have a great time. It went too quickly as usual. Greg's parents are always great hosts... even when they are sick with a bug that we gave to them:) It had been almost a year since we were down there, so it was especially nice and it was great to have them all get a chance to meet baby girl:) I think at first she was wondering about all the new faces... but she warmed up pretty quickly. Given all that she has been through, she really does amazingly well around new people. I remember praying the first night as we rode to get her, that God would protect her from any lasting trauma from all that she had gone through. We were so glad that our Texas friends and relatives could meet face to face the little one that they are lifting up in prayer.
I hope to post more about our trip and lots of crazy things I have been processing in my mind...
I will try over the next couple of days.


Tonya said...

Loved seeing the pictures of your family! I'm glad you're back home safely and everyone is feeling better. Let's talk soon!


Becky said...

Oh so nice to see you're home safe and sound. The kids just keep growing and growing! We're fighting a bug right now feel your pain. Love you guys!