Saturday, September 12, 2009


UPDATE: We finally got our computer working so I could post of picture of Ryane. Isn't she beautiful... inside and out:) This one was taken back in March the night we got our tatoos:)

I just have to let you all know what an awesome amazing friend I have. I know I mentioned Greg's cousin
Ryane before... she is my tattoo buddy. ( My regular computer is down so I will have to post a picture of her in another post) She is also one of Jojo's godparents and has been such a HUGE support to me over the past 10 months. She was the one who came up here to just hang out and support us last January. She got my rear running again after Samuel died.

Well, she is about to run her 4
th (I think:) marathon. She is running it in memory of Samuel. She is running with RUNNING HOPE. It is a division of Shaohannah's Hope, the organization that Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth founded to raise money to give grants to people who are adopting. They also have built Maria's House of Hope in memory of their daughter Maria who died 17 months ago. This home takes care of special needs orphans and even has a surgery floor to do surgeries for these children that otherwise may not ever be done. After Samuel died Ryane and her husband immediately sent a gift to them in memory of Samuel. Little did she know that was one of the foundations we wanted to send memorials to in lieu of flowers. This girl can read my mind sometimes,it is crazy.

She is also doing a big chili cook off the first weekend of November in Louisiana to raise money for
Shaohannah's Hope. I think she runs the race the following week. Ryane is such a go getter. I am amazed with all she does, but my heart is just warmed that she would do it this in memory of Samuel. As time passes by, less and less people mention my son... it seems that many have forgotten or certainly moved on. But for us, we haven't, we couldn't, we will never forget the precious miracle that Samuel was to us. And it just makes me smile to know that Ryane hasn't forgotten either. I know she won't. She has been faithful to call and check in on me, and faithful to always mention Samuel, and now she is helping his memory bring good to orphans all over the world.

The kids and I may try to head down there the first weekend of November to be a part of the cook off, we won't cook, just hang out. That will be just a few short days after our boy will have been gone a full year. Boy we miss that sweet baby, but we are so thankful for precious friends and loved ones that validate and honor Samuel's life. What a gift that is to us. Thanks
Ryane! We love you so much!


Rachel said...

I haven't been good about leaving comments but I have been reading your blog and praying!

How special is Ryane! Truly a blessing and I'm so thankful you have her.

I'd love to know more about your "magic health potion." I'm into health stuff too but have never tried tinctures before. I'm currently reading "The Vision" by Debi Pearl which is about an herbalist and other things. Could you send me the recipe? rschwendinger at hotmail dot com
I'm familiar with the bulk herb store, but haven't ever purchased anything from them.

mom2many said...

I won't forget. I was thinking about you just the other day as you are approaching your one year mark. I thought it would get easier...and I suppose in some ways it has. There are no more "firsts" for us. The first time we went to Walmart without Jacob, his birtday, Christmas, etc. Now, my brain has me "remembering" how I felt a year ago! UGH! I was not in a good place! And I'm trying not to go there again. SOrry...that wasn't very encouraging, was it? Just know that Samuel is not forgotten and don't feel bad bringing him up when you feel he has been!

Tonya said...

She is beautiful and so are you! I'm so grateful that you have those special people in your life who will never forget Samuel and would do something so great to honor him. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and him!

Even though we have so much in common, I have now found one thing we don't....a tattoo! I'm too much of a chicken to ever think about it! :-)

Hope you're having a good day today! Love and prayers!