Thursday, September 17, 2009


I know my kid needs a haircut... but can you believe the size of that green bean someone from church gave us?

Ok, I think it is official.... running in the rain is my absolute favorite weather to run in. Probably not the best for your shoes, but really good for the soul. You know a lot of people talk about the storms of life hitting you... the downpour. I can certainly relate to that and I can appreciate that word picture. For some strange reason though in this journey I am on, the rain is actually a good thing. Sometimes just seeing the rain fall, feels good to me, it sometimes just perfectly suits my mood. And other days it feels like a healing rain, a cleansing rain. I have a dear friend Becky who has been praying together with me that this year, 2009, would bring renewed promises, intense healing and flooding... and we have been praying for flooding in a good way:)

I feel like our days are always so full. I enjoy it all, but sometimes I feel like I am under the gun. This will sound crazy but I finally feel like I have the energy to cook and maintain the meal part of our life again... For a while it was going better, then after Joel died that was one thing that just seemed to be overwhelming to me. I know that sounds so lame. That is very unlike me, I love to cook yummy, homemade things, but I just didn't have the energy to. So I am finally back to it, and it feels good. I made some really yummy quinoa today for lunch. All of the kids actually loved it.

Tonight we had the MEND, my infant loss support group, fundraiser. This was funny. I had asked the ladies at group if there would be men there and it seemed like plenty of them said yes... it just so happened that they gave their husbands jobs to do at the fundraiser. I think my husband was the only man, and Louis and Caleb were 2 of 3 kids there. They had a ball, Greg on the other hand said that I owe him Big time. I think he will be coming to collect:) Poor guy, he was a pretty good sport though... He even won a prize, which embarrassed him even more. It was a big success which was great. I have to say that of all the things that have helped me since losing my son, my counselor, my dearest friends, the volunteer photographers at Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and MEND have been some of the biggest blessings to me.

This week we were also blessed to trade in our old minivan for a BIG van, an 11 passenger. I realized as I drove to church in it last week, when I declared out loud, "I love this car" what a total geek I have become. Really I do love it. It will be such a HUGE blessing when we have to travel... like next week when we hit the road for a 12 hour drive to Wisconsin for a wedding. Greg is marrying one of his youth that he had in youth group up there before we went to the seminary. We will stay 3 days and then turn around and head back. It will be really quick, but it will be so nice to travel with a little more room. Previously I was always traveling with 3 bags at my feet and every nook and cranny filled. This will be so nice.

Praying you have a blessed Friday... Yeah, the weekend.


kristilea said...

We just took a trip to Texas from Georgia, and it was exactly that...crammed every space we could and I had bags at my feet. I know that van will be a HUGE blessing to you.

I loved running in the rain when I was able to run. I hope to be able to once again someday.

Tonya said...

You would have surely loved running here today. It poured! We've had rain here for the last week, and I'm just about over it. It's supposed to rain through Tuesday. I love the rain every now and then, but I'm ready to see the sun!

Congrats on your new van! I have a Honda Odyssey that I LOVE. A little different than an 11 passenger van but still. I wouldn't trade it.

Greg is a trooper and that's the biggest green bean I've ever seen! Hope you're having a great weekend with your family.