Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Eating watermelon at Grandma and Grandpa Bottoms
I couldn't help posting this one, check out Anna's eyes... HMMMM, what does she see in that watermelon... a big black bug, a 100 dollar bill... what could it be? Wooh, this was some gooooood watermelon.

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OK so I need help. I am going crazy with the fruit flies at my house. Does anyone out there have a sure fire way on how to get rid of them for good. I have tried a glass of vinegar, that was somewhat successful, but I need something that will really work. I think with living in the country and having a bunch of kids coming in and out all day long we have invited the little critters to join us. Between that and the regular house flies, I am starting to loose my mind... Oh yeah, that already happened last month when I forgot my husband's birthday after 16 years of marriage... good grief. I would love any ideas.

One other thing, we have never had a thumb sucker till Anna and in fact she had a pacifier till she was 2... had nothing till 3 1/2, then after seeing some other little booger sucking his thumb, she took up the habit at 3 1/2. Who does that? Well apparently my precious little girl does. Here we sit at almost 7 and she is still doing it. Has anyone tried something that will work to break the thumb sucking habit. We try to have here sleep with a mitten on at night. We have tried to work towards a fun pizza party out with the family, but I am fresh out of ideas. I would love what ever ideas you might have.

Today was just one of those days. I was either on the verge or crying the majority of the day. I don't know what set it off, but whatever it was, the grief came back heavy and with a vengeance. Plain and simple, I still just wish things were different. So much has changed and quite frankly it exhausts me sometimes just thinking about it. Many days I still don't recognize myself... this former social bug, much rather sit in the comfort of my own home, or with a smaller more intimate group, than be in a large crowd. Today for the first time, I had a brief moment where I just thought I am going to take all of the pictures of Samuel down... and pretend he never existed, then would the pain go away or lessen? Then my gut just felt sick, that is what it has felt like so many others have done, pretend he didn't exist. That has added to my grief BIG TIME over the last year. So obviously, all of his pictures are still up:) And there is no way I would give up the 9 months I spent with Samuel, just to avoid the pain I feel now... it was a fleeting thought, once I thought it, I knew it was wrong for me. Just one of those days....


kristilea said...

We just had the same problem with the fruit flies. The kitchen was spotless and I took out the trash before we left, but when we came back from vacation, my house was full of them! I tried the cider vinegar traps, and bananna traps, and they caught a lot, but not enough. I finally went to Walmart and got Raid flying insect killer, and sprayed the kitchen. We went to the grocery store, and when we came back...dead flies. I cleaned the counters, wiped down the front of the cabinets and mopped the floors. I feel confident that there is no chemical left for the kids to get on themselves. They say you can use it for spraying dirrectly on the flies for instant spot killing too, but mine were everywhere.

Good luck with the thumb thing. My oldest just turned 9, and although he doesn't conciously do it, after he's been asleep for hours, he will sometimes still put that thumb in this mouth. I don't have the answers.

Ebe said...

I miss your Samuel with you.

love and prayers,